It’s another romantic weekend or date night, and you are possibly wondering what to do to relax from a week of working hard to save the planet — kudos! However, many date ideas and locations are not eco-friendly, so it might be a hassle figuring out what to do with your planet-loving partner. It can be even harder to decide if you find a Russian bride or meet someone new for the first time.

From eating unhealthy food in restaurants to visiting clubs and smoking, many date ideas today aren’t environmentally friendly. But this bleak status quo doesn’t mean that environmentalists can’t organize a romantic date without hurting the planet. So we have compiled some life hacks to help you have a perfect eco-friendly date with your partner. The good thing about these ideas is that they are cheap, fun, and create an avenue to bond further. Some of them include:

1. Volunteer together

When you find a wife online or meet someone who shares the same interests as you, it is nice to do those things together. So, you and your partner can take a hike and pick the dirt along the trails or volunteer to clean a street. Many organizations host eco-friendly programs, so you both can volunteer for one. No matter the cause you volunteer for, you will spend time together doing the thing you love – keeping the planet safe.

2. Take a bike ride

A bike ride is a romantic getaway, one that will keep you feeling refreshed since it’s also an exercise. To make it even more fun, get a tandem bicycle, and cycle in a park. You can check for nearby restaurants in the area and grab a meal with your partner when tired.

For those planning to order a bride, cycling is an excellent ice breaker that ensures you do something fun and healthy together. Additionally, you will see the city in a new way, and you may find an eco-friendly store you never knew existed. So, grab two bicycles or a tandem bike and hit the road with your partner.

3. Visit a farmer’s market

If you and your partner are food lovers, cooking together is a great date idea. But instead of going to the supermarket, visit a farmer’s market and shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. Enjoy the scenery, take in the scent of the organic farm produce and bask in all the greenery. Then, when you have gotten all you want, you can go home and experiment with different healthy meals. A visit to the farmer’s market will help you make the ultimate eco-friendly lunch.

4. Eat at a green restaurant

A steakhouse is not an ideal eco-friendly location, so that’s why there are restaurants that offer non-meat meals. Apart from the meals they serve, their dinnerware and food disposal process are all eco-friendly. You can find them online by typing “eco-friendly restaurants near me” into the Google search bar.

If you don’t find any green restaurant near you, an organic winery is also not a bad idea. You and your partner can go wine tasting and learn all about the organic process of making wine. It may end up being a date that is fun and intellectual.

5. Visit a museum

Wanting an eco-friendly date doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to always be around nature. For example, you can go on a date with your lover to a museum and admire artifacts while walking hand-in-hand. If you are tired of outdoor dates, this option is a great way to enjoy being indoors in an eco-friendly environment. Also, you can have different uninterrupted conversations with your partner; ensure you keep your phone away to avoid the distractions of taking pictures at every spot for the internet.

6. Garden together

If you have a space in your backyard or your partner does, you both can buy some seeds and plant them. It may be messy, but it’s fun to do things with your partner. To keep the fun alive, you can jointly decide how to water it even after the date. So, pick out the seeds of your favorite flowers and begin to plant them. It would be an excellent eco-friendly date idea, even if you used a site to find brides. That is because no matter how long you’ve known someone, engaging in shared hobbies like gardening will always strengthen your bond.


As part of people’s contribution to making the planet safer, using sustainability techniques like recycling and becoming vegetarians are now widespread. However, it might be a lot of work to plan a perfect eco-friendly date with your partner. So, to help you have a sustainable date night or weekend, we have these hacks to ensure you have a healthy, fun time with your partner.

Author: Jamie Polsters