When you are planning your summer adventures, the last thing you will want to do is throw out your sustainability plans. At first glance, you may be worried that prioritizing the environment will mean foregoing your summer fun. While you may need to make some alterations, you can rest assured that you can still have a blast. If you want to have a spectacular summer while keeping the environment’s health in mind, here are a few tips.


Have a Staycation


Travel and tourism can have a massive impact on the planet’s wellbeing. If you want to enjoy your summer, staycations can be a great option; however, you need the right activities and amenities to up the enjoyment. Get a pool loan and invest in a pool so that you can have fun this summer and for many to come. Avoiding extensive travel and spending time at home can have an incredibly positive impact.


Travel Sustainably


For those who plan to travel this summer, you can still do so while minimizing your environmental impact. Using the principles and tips of traveling green can help you embark on new and exciting adventures with peace of mind. While jet-setting around the world can harm the environment, you can be smart and intentional with your travel plans so that you can still get around on your various summer excursions.


Connect With Nature and Unplug


If you are looking for a summer adventure and need a change of scenery, schedule yourself a hiking and camping trip. Unplug from the distractions and chaos of daily life by connecting with nature. Not only is this a great form of exercise and a wonderful opportunity to connect with your friends without distractions, but it can also help you shake off the stress of life. There is nothing quite as humbling as taking in the expansive and awe-inspiring night sky with those you love.


Start A Home Garden


If you are looking for a fun summer activity to do from home, consider starting up a garden. Even those who lack a green thumb can learn to nurture growth and new life. With some patience, care and attention, you can turn your boring backyard into an abundant garden. You can even take this one step further and introduce a vegetarian diet a couple of days per week. Your small garden can help you support a healthier planet in a multitude of ways. Enjoy the deliciousness of garden-fresh produce from the comfort of your home and reimagine what recipes can look and taste like.


Learn to Compost


If you are interested in making a sincere commitment to the planet, learning how to compost at home can have wondrous benefits to the world and your garden. Not only can you reduce the amount of waste that you produce, but you can use the nutrient-rich byproduct to help your garden. With a full lifecycle all within the comfort of your home and backyard, you may be shocked at how easy it is to support the planet and how influential your actions can be. You can enjoy your summer knowing that you are making a positive difference.


Reconsider Your Products


In your downtime, this summer, take a moment to evaluate your commonly used products. As you go about your day, you may be using certain products out of habit, but these may not be the best choice for you or mother nature. Whether you embrace green cleaning products, less harmful companies for your personal care routine, or even purchase a reusable water bottle to reduce your one-time-use product use, there are likely plenty of options to help you make a positive change. If you want to better enjoy your summer, a cleaner, greener conscience can help substantially.

When it comes to a fun summer and an environmentally friendly lifestyle, these can go hand in hand. Take time to reflect and think about how you are going about your summer and find ways to make greener decisions moving forward. You don’t need to cut out fun to be more sustainably minded. What you may not realize is focusing on sustainability this season can help you embrace your best summer yet.

Author: Finnegan Pierson

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