Modern business today is focused on environmental friendliness. Modern users are more loyal to eco-friendly companies, which means the latter can get more revenue and move forward along the eco-friendly path using innovative technologies. This is a chance to make good profits and change the way of life for many people, which will positively impact the environment.

Where to start with an eco-friendly business launch? First of all, it is worth deciding on the type of product and service. Below you will find some creative ideas that you are welcome to implement.

Why Is Eco-Business Trendy?

Attention to the environmental situation in the world is increasing every year. Eco-friendliness is a new trend, and modern business conditions have turned caring for ecology into a powerful marketing element. Therefore, this is a good area to create a business that is unique and necessary for society.

Benefits of Green Business

Eco-business ideas can be considered profitable as they have many key benefits. Below are the main ones:

And below you will find 8 of the best ideas that you can turn into a profitable and conscious business.

1. Eco-Products Trade

The organic food trade is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The demand for such products is constantly growing, even despite their high cost. But in this case, the profit can be much higher than when selling ordinary food products.

To be successful in this endeavor, it is necessary to partner with a reliable supplier and organize a constant supply of products. This stage can take a lot of time, but once you achieve stability in this business, you can create a profitable business even when you open a small store. Success in this business is hidden behind the balance between supply and sales.

You can also consider the option of delivering eco products to customers’ homes, which will also be very popular, especially during such an unstable situation with a worldwide pandemic.

2. Ecotourism

Recently, eco-tourism is gaining special popularity. For example, city dwellers are very willing to spend time in nature and this became the starting point for creating a new niche in tourism. Just turn your attention to the number of eco-hotels and tent cities.

The advantage of this idea is that it requires a minimum investment as you can safely start with local tourist destinations. You can start with weekend tours, trekking, Nordic walking, or themed excursions.

This will require your creativity, organizational skills, and good advertising. Start with local destinations and create content for your key audience. Use social media to create an effective advertising strategy with minimal investment in advertising.

3. Ecodesign

Both construction and design with an emphasis on sustainability is a modern trend that is gaining popularity all over the world. The scope of activity in this direction has no boundaries. So you can start with the creation of environmental items in the interior, a comprehensive interior design solution, green areas for the office, and end with the construction of a house with environmentally friendly and safe materials.

Therefore, this idea is suitable for both design and construction specialists and beginners in this field. Beginners can start with decorative elements or discover green designs. That is, create compositions from indoor plants and so on. Here are some ideas for eco-design and construction:

4. Eco Storage Systems

Creating sustainable storage systems is a more creative idea than the eco-bags that are very popular today. You can think from storage ideas for the home to small fabric storage systems. For example, you can think about reusable shoe covers, jute bags, and so on.

If we talk about storage systems for home, then today jute baskets are popular, which are not only ecological but also fit perfectly into modern designs. Developing this theme, you can create something similar for offices to store stationery.

It is necessary to develop a product that will be in demand but does not yet have the same distribution as eco-bags. An original, safe and ecological product will be able to reach customers and promise good business development.

5. Eco Consulting

If you have an understanding of how you can help others change their lifestyle to be environmentally friendly or you have knowledge and expertise in environmental technologies, consulting services can be a good business idea in this niche.

For example, you can give an environmental assessment to companies, houses and suggest ways to optimize. As an option, you can consult on how to switch to energy-saving technologies and reduce the negative impact on the environment. The same can apply to a person’s lifestyle.

To gain the trust of the audience, you should think about the certified confirmation of your knowledge and also about the PR campaign. As for certification, today many educational courses will help you gain new knowledge in this direction and become a competent expert. 

If we talk about PR promotion, then here you can get by with minimal costs for the first time and start promoting yourself on social networks on your own. For example, you can prepare expert content that will be useful to the audience.

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6. Eco Wedding Organization

Organizing weddings has always been a lucrative business, so organizing an eco-style wedding will be in demand in today’s market. The implementation of such an idea is a good opportunity to occupy a free niche in this area. It is worth noting that the competition in this service sector is tough. So this is a good chance to overcome competitors and be successful in this niche before it has become mainstream in the industry.

The key to success in this business is a team of like-minded people who know a lot about an eco-lifestyle. Today there are a lot of people who are introducing an eco-friendly approach to all areas of their lives. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready to satisfy all the needs of customers.

The difficulty lies in the fact that all the wedding decor should be made from environmentally friendly materials, the banquet menu should consist of organic products, plus a lot of attributes of a traditional wedding should be replaced with an eco alternative.

But despite all these nuances, with the right approach and creativity, you can achieve success in this industry. Eco weddings are only gaining momentum right now, but most likely it will become mainstream in the coming years.

7. Eco Toys Manufacturing

Environmentally friendly and safe toys are the first choice among all modern parents. For this reason, wooden toys are especially popular today as they are ecological and aesthetic. These features make them trendy and demanded.

In addition to wooden toys, knitted and textile toys are gaining popularity today, which are made from specialized materials that are hypoallergenic. For example, today there is a wide range of specialized yarn to create toys and goods for newborns and children. To create such toys, you can buy materials on a wholesale basis and hire several craftsmen. It may take only a few hours for experienced craftsmen to create a quality and unique product.

Even though such toys have a higher cost, this does not reduce the number of buyers. Modern parents are willing to pay for quality and safety when it comes to children. As for business, this is a great idea to create your unique brand and focus not only on environmental friendliness and safety but also a handmade approach. The latter always works as a guarantor of high quality for consumers.

8. Eco Cleaning Services

The issue of environmental friendliness applies to all areas of life and this refers to the conscious maintenance of one’s own home as well. Eco-cleaning is a great business idea that will undoubtedly be relevant in modern society. The essence of the eco cleaning service is to use safe and organic products during cleaning. Most people give preference to such options instead of hazardous ones offered in a wide range on the modern market.

Also, with this type of cleaning, not only specialized cleaning tools are used, but also equipment. We are talking about washing vacuum cleaners, steam generators, and the like. The main purpose of such a service is not only to achieve cleanliness but also to create safe conditions for human health.

Such a service will undoubtedly be popular among families with small children, allergy sufferers, and pet owners. If we talk about the scheme for running a business, then it will not differ from the opening of an ordinary company for the provision of cleaning services. The difference will be only in the selection of detergents and equipment.


Getting started with an eco-friendly business can be a win for 2021. What’s more, the list of ideas for your future green startup can go on and on. Choose the most appealing and demanded direction and move towards changing the ecological situation for the better! 

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