Let’s talk about a business or a company that got eco-friendly certifications. People are more concerned about saving the environment than ever before. Being a green business that’s eco-friendly and then advertising yourself is good. I mean it’s such a beneficial move in this climate. Thereby enabling you to attract environmentally conscious consumers and employees and accelerate your road to success. However, simply being green may not be enough any longer. With the corporate world shifting and an increasing number of companies adopting more sustainable practices, additional efforts will be needed to rise above the competition. With that in mind, here are some effective marketing strategies you can leverage for your eco-friendly business:

Focus on important environmental issues for your business

Business company eco-friendly. Focus on important environmental issue

When advertising your eco-friendly business, the most important metrics to mention about your company are those eco-friendly metrics to explain how your brand is addressing the most pressing problems in your industry. For example, renewable energy companies will benefit the most from mentioning the carbon emissions they prevent with their services, while food and drink companies can pride themselves on donating and composting leftovers instead of wasting them. Choose the social and environmental issues that are most relevant to your industry, and highlight the ways in which you are fighting them. This can be a great tactic for differentiating your business from competitors while also being quite persuasive and impactful to consumers, as well as potential investors.

Create a separate sustainability web page for your company

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If environmentally conscious users visit your business or company website, chances are high that they will check your “About Us” to see you’re eco-friendly.  They’re typically interested in learning more about your main objectives and core values. Impress these visitors by having a separate, meaningful, and attractive page that’s dedicated solely to your sustainability goals and mission. In case you have a ‘Corporate Social Responsibility page already, make sure to include a section dedicated only to your eco-friendly efforts to let users know how your company can help save the planet. Some points you can implement are your business’s green mission statement. Consider short- and long-term environmental goals, previous sustainability accomplishments, and any projects or partnerships with other eco-friendly organizations.

Invest in a great digital marketing campaign for your eco-friendly company


Along with improving your website, it’s a good idea to develop a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Younger demographics are more likely to use these channels and care deeply about environmental and social issues as well. Therefore, it’s a great marketing opportunity for your business. However, it can also be challenging to leverage these channels without appearing as if you’re greenwashing. What Australian companies do to avoid this issue, for instance, is hire a professional Brisbane marketing agency to develop the right strategy for them. These experts can devise creative, meaningful, and purposeful strategies to market your eco-friendly business and increase your success rate effectively.

Become a certified eco-friendly business


Across Europe, on the other hand, it’s common for sustainable companies to get industry-relevant green certifications. They proudly display them across all channels. This can also be a good marketing tactic to consider.

Think about your industry. Then moreover make an effort to acquire a couple of sustainability certifications. Those that are also pertinent to your business. Maybe that means fulfilling an ISO standard or getting a LEED certificate for energy and design. Most of these certifications come with verified seals that you can easily place on your website, advertisements, and other channels. This is great for demonstrating the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand to consumers and other stakeholders.

Show your customers their positive impact with your company 

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An increasing percentage of customers want to do business with ethical and sustainable companies, which can be a brilliant leverage point for your brand. An efficient way to advertise your products and services to these audiences is to demonstrate the positive difference they would make by investing in your offerings. Some companies go for classic tactics. For instance, planting a tree for every item sold. However, more unique strategies can be advantageous as well. You can include counters and metrics on your website. That way, you show how much water, CO2, and waste are saved through each purchase. Demonstrating the direct effects these purchases have on the environment will give a great incentive to consumers to support your company and mission.


In conclusion, utilize the evolving social awareness to advertise your eco-friendly business effectively. Use the proven marketing strategies mentioned above to beat the competition, attract new prospects, and accelerate growth and success.

Author: Diana Smith

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