What to Expect at an Eco-Spa Day

There’s nothing as nice or relaxing as spending a day at the spa. Maybe you’ve worked long hours, are feeling tightness in your muscles, or need help getting better sleepHowever, what makes the entire situation even better is if you go to an eco-friendly spa.

When you visit an eco-friendly spa, it means you get to enjoy a relaxing experience, all while doing something good for the environment.  Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from your time at an eco-friendly spa where you can experience facials, massages, and more. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect.

Getting Ready for Your Spa Day

Before starting your spa day, you need to get ready to relax. You should make sure you brush and floss your teeth before heading out the door and consider using a natural bamboo toothbrush. This is eco-friendly and a great option to consider.

Once you arrive at your spa day appointment, they will provide you with a robe or other comfortable attire to really get you in the headspace for your relaxing day. You may even want to look at some of the Joovv lights before and after to see if this is something you want to try.

After preparing for your relaxing experience, you are ready to learn what to expect at your spa appointment.

The Fancy Spa Water

Water at the spa always seems to taste better. However, do you know what is in the water? You’ll find options that include flavors of lemon, cucumber, lime, mint, watermelon, and more. This water not only tastes great, but it can even help reduce cases of irritation and inflammation in your body.

Hair Treatments

At the spa, you can enjoy the deep cleaning and conditioning of professional hair treatments—these help leave your locks looking and feeling amazing. Even better, the products used here are free from any ingredients that are harmful to the environment, animals, or people.

Some of the most harmful ingredients that you want to avoid in hair care products to keep in mind include propylene glycol, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfate.


Receiving a professional facial is one of the best ways to relax while at the spa. After a spa facial, your skin is going to look and feel amazing. While you can make your own at home, this won’t compare with the eco-friendly ingredients used at an eco-friendly spa. This is a treatment that is going to make your skin glow and rejuvenate a tired-looking complexion.

Feet Treatment

Soaking your feet in a large tub of warm water is truly luxurious. However, the amount of waste that it causes in most cases is not worth it in most cases. Now, when you go to an eco-friendly spa, you can enjoy natural ingredients for your foot treatment that smartly uses water.

Some of the natural ingredients that will be used, in most cases, include Epsom salt, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar.

Pedicure and Manicure

Once your feet feel great after a long soak, make sure you get treatment for your nails, as well. You can enjoy manicures and pedicures at an eco-friendly spa and enjoy quality and safe experiences.

Finding a Quality Eco-Spa

Do you want to experience all the benefits offered by an eco-spa? If so, it is up to you to find one that suits your needs and preferences. One of the first things you want to do is decide where you want to go. For example, do you want to stay close to home or make your spa experience a vacation? Figuring this out is going to help you know where to look for these services.

Being informed is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the experience you really want. The right spa can provide you a truly relaxing time and something that you won’t soon forget. Keep this in mind and the information above to find a spa that meets your needs and expectations. 

Author: Finnegan Pierson