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What’s your carbon footprint? Each homeowner’s footprint is calculated by dividing the amount of energy used by the number of people in the house. In the UK, 40% of emissions come from households, and homes in the US emit 48 tonnes of CO2 every year. To reduce our carbon footprint, current and future homeowners need to upgrade their properties with eco-friendly features to make their properties more sustainable.

This will help the environment and save the household money by reducing energy bills and adding value to the property. 

Property developers across the globe recognize the demand for sustainable living and are implementing eco-friendly designs as part of an eco-living concept. For example, a UK-based property company promotes the North West’s first eco-development, situated in the best place to invest in property UK, and incorporating sophisticated low-carbon smart technology to focus on sustainability.

You can look to include some similar eco-friendly features in your home. For instance, solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and smart home systems to help limit costs and reuse wasted energy and water. 

Whether you’re upgrading your current home or looking for a more eco-friendly place, the upgrades listed below will help make your property more sustainable while adding value and helping to invest in the future. 

Insulate Your Home

Most energy gets used on heating our homes, so why not start with the basics. Make sure that you properly insulate your home. Wall and loft insulation is a great way to reduce home heat loss, and some governments even offer grants to low-income households. What if you’re on a budget or would rather not have a renovation project on your hands? You can opt for some more simple upgrades. For example, reseal your windows and add thermal curtains to your home.

Install Solar Panels

If you have the cash to spare and are looking to save money over a long period of time, then installing solar panels could be the option for your home. While installing solar panels can be costly, switching to solar energy is a fantastic way to save homeowners money on their monthly energy bills, which will add up over the years and reduce the household’s dependency on fossil fuels. 

Grow Your Own Food

Finally, make your outdoor space more eco-friendly, an upgrade that is accessible to all homeowners. Using your garden to grow your own fruit and vegetables will help you live a more sustainable life. It may spark some positive lifestyle changes, too, as you use your organic produce to form healthy meals. Growing your own food will also save you money and reduce your food’s emissions. That’s because you’ll no longer need to travel to the supermarket as much. You can even help reduce the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills. Simply repurpose it as compost for your new sustainable garden!

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