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If your property has a large outdoor area, it’s wise to utilize your space in the best ways possible. Whether by growing a sustainable vegetable garden, keeping some livestock, or simply for clever storage solutions, you might be wondering whether a barn or a shed is best for you. 

These two structures are somewhat similar, although they do differ vastly at the same time. Therefore, each outdoor structure will offer you different uses.

So, to enable you to make an informed decision, we’ve compared the two options for you. 

A Barn And Functions It Has to Offer

A barn is most suitable for holding livestock, as these animals will need their own space as shelter from varying weather conditions. Otherwise, they might not be able to thrive.

However, a barn is pretty large, so you still need substantial space on your property to build this structure. That said, Alberta barn builders can make a variety of barns, from precast or wood to steel structures. The differing materials also mean the prices of each will differ. Although, you should opt for the best material your budget can allow. 

And if winters are freezing, you should consider sustainable heating options for the barn, such as Infratech heaters. These are perfectly suitable for outdoor use, and you won’t be harming the environment either. A barn can also offer other uses beyond holding livestock. For example, you can host many social events. 

Reasons To Opt For A Shed

A shed is much smaller than a barn, although that does not mean that these structures aren’t useful to have on your property. These are genuinely ideal for storing all your outdoor tools and equipment, from gardening tools to cleaning equipment and everything in between. 

Sheds can also be constructed from various materials, although wood and steel are the most common options. The cost of a shed is much more pocket-friendly than a barn, mainly due to the massive size difference. 

Although, garden sheds are suitable for most homes that have outdoor spaces. If you need storage outside for any reason, a shed is an excellent option. Certain things can’t be stored indoors, such as gardening tools and even a generator. So, a shed can be a handy property addition in terms of storage. 

Making A Decision

While a shed is the perfect outdoor storage solution, you must have a barn of some sort if you plan on keeping livestock on your property for any reason. 

So, your decision should be made with consideration to your requirements from the structures. And when making your decision, you should also consider which materials are most durable, which are affordable for your budget, and what kind of maintenance the structure will require over periods. 

Wooden structures will require care over time, as the wood must be revarnished and sanded down periodically to ensure it remains waterproof and safe from the outdoor elements. Steel is also a great choice, and it requires substantially less maintenance than wood.

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