Sustainability is becoming one of the most essential practices in today’s saturated world. The concept of environmental sustainability has spread across different industries and many aspects of the supply chain. As the health of our planet becomes more vulnerable. So more consumers are placing importance on eco-friendly practices. All to prevent the exploitation of the planet’s natural resources. Vineyards and wine are no exception when it comes to applying sustainable approaches in the winemaking process. 

As per studies, organic wine is as beneficial for health as it’s for the environment. From the goodness of organically grown grapes. Also no additives or animal products to less sugar. Because eco-friendly wine comes with a range of plus points. Here are the top-ranked eco-friendly wines you must know about.

Wine eco-friendly

1. Loimer Lois GrünerVeltliner Wine

If you are craving an eco-friendly or sustainable case of wine, you must give Loimer Lois Grüner Veltliner a try. The renowned Austrian winemaker Fred Loimer was the first to practice biodynamic farming principles back in 2006. He also founded Respekt, which encourages viticulture and eco-friendly farming practices. 

Loimer Lois Grüner Veltliner is a vibrant white and fresh aromatic wine that pairs beautifully with vegetarian dishes and salads. Many wine lovers admire its aromatic scents and pale lemon color.

This wine gives you a nice buzz and a range of health benefits that you can count on as a wine drinker. If you are an ardent fan of Sauvignon Blanc,  Grüner Veltliner is highly recommended for you.    

Eco-friendly wine

2. Ferrari-Carano Dry Sangiovese Rosé Eco-Friendly Wine

This delicious wine is accredited by the CSWA and has not looked back since it hit the market in 2015. Ferrari-Carano was awarded as sustainable maker and producer of the year in the 2019 Sonoma County Harvest Fair. 

The Ferrari-Carano is situated in Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley. It is one of the top wine regions that has been practicing eco-friendly wine-growing practices for several years. It was the first winery to release wines entitled to the honorable label of ‘Sonoma County Sustainably Farmed Grapes.’

Additionally, the production of this Dry Sangiovese Rose has its roots in a thirty-acre plot of grapes repurchased in 1979. Sangiovese Rosé is one of the finest wines among the collection of the Ferrari Carano Vineyard. The brand now covers about twenty-four certified eco-friendly vineyards of a total of 1,400 acres and has expanded in size. They aim to produce world-class wine and be good neighbors and stewards of the land they use to produce their wines.

3. Francone Barbaresco DOCG Gallina Wine

Piedmont manufactures Barbaresco wine in ways that are eco-friendly. This is indeed one of Italy’s finest red wines and has many female fans. 

This marvelous red wine comes with rich ruby hues that make it ideal for almost any celebratory event. It also carries a rich aroma that includes a bouquet of fresh raspberries, almonds, and strawberries. Expect happy taste buds with mysterious and light flavors of tea leaves, coffee, and spices when you drink this red wine from Piedmont.

However, if you are new to drinking wine, make sure you try this wine before buying a bottle. The taste can be quite complex for people with a basic pallet.

4. Jo Landron Brut Atmospheres Wine

Do you want something traditional in your wine glass this season? Consider trying this organic wine. If you weren’t aware, this wine is estate-grown, hand-harvested, naturally-fermented, and biodynamic, tops off an already impressive bottle of wine. Designed by the legendary Michel Tolmer, French Illustrator Jo Landron Brut Atmospheres is naturally fermented and then goes through the process of conventional second fermentation in the bottle.  

It’s no surprise that this classic French wine has complexity and depth while providing an earthy, super-mineral, and waves of fresh nectarine and racy citrus fruit.  The French locals describe it as Folle Blanche, made through the extra brut style utilizing the méthode traditionnelle. Oenophiles can simply couple this vintage beverage with tinned fish, grilled meat, or fried appetizers. 

5. Benanti Etna Bianco

The Benanti Etna Bianco is a famous organic white wine that you can try if you have a flair for natural wines. Also, if you are fascinated by volcanic-influenced wines, you must try out this wine from Mount Etna in Sicily. 

Grapefruit juice, pear skin, and excellent citrus notes are some of the flavors you will discover in this wine. Wines from Sicily tend to be acidic, with good minerality and will pair well with fresh fish and salads.

Support Eco-Friendly Vineyards

Do you have an excellent taste for wine and want to support eco-friendly vineyards? Try out the wines mentioned above. As per market research, the demand for sustainably manufactured and produced wine is constantly increasing. The demand is even more prominent among the young generation of wine buyers. Many renowned wine brands today are shifting paradigms to produce and offer eco-friendly wine. These are equally delicious, rich, and healthy. It is time you try them out.

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