Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Home

An eco-friendly home is goes hand in hand with a sustainable lifestyle. And with the steady advance in the perils associated with climate change and environmental imbalance, sustainability has become a priority for human existence. But how do you make your home eco-friendly?

There are plenty of simple changes that you can adopt in your daily life to reduce your carbon footprint. But today, we will be listing for you some of the earth-friendly principles around which you can build or renovate your house to make it more eco-friendly. Read along with us to implement in your next home building or house renovation project.

Size matters

While building a home, it’s vital to keep in mind the size. Anything ridiculously spacious can be a drain on the environment. The larger the house is, the more is the energy consumption and the greater is its carbon footprint. So, it is wise to build a house of the size that your family needs to live comfortably.

House designs that enhance energy efficiency

While designing your home, consider local climatic conditions and ventilation and insulation requirements.  All to reduce household energy consumption. Placing windows such that they receive maximum natural light.  Moreover and double glazing them to insulate your home.  For these are some of the measures you can adopt.  All to ensure that you minimize the usage of power.  That’s for heating, cooling, and lighting needs. Use passive design concepts to improve upon the energy-efficiency aspect of your home.

Responsibly obtained organic building material

Use responsible obtained organic material like hemp, rammed earth or straw-bale to build your house. These alternative building materials reduce the thermal mass of a home, thus minimizing its emission levels. Hemp, in particular, is insect resistant and hence, doesn’t require to be treated with harmful chemicals.

Slate is a 100% natural, reusable and recyclable material that makes it an ecological option for roofing purposes. If you are looking for slate roofing services in Sydney, First Class Slate Roofing is your most reliable service provider.

Using alternative sources of power

Solar power is emerging as a strong alternative to grid power to light up your home or run your appliances. Install solar panels to harness the sun’s energy to convert into green electrical power to run your house.

Water conservation and waste management

Make sure you install proper waste disposal and water management system to conserve water. Following the 5 R’s of waste management, refuse to use showerheads and taps that do not comply with the WELS rating system.  Also reduce wastage and reuse water to use in bathrooms.  Finally laundries and gardens.  Moreover use repurposed timber for building purposes.  In conclusion and recycle outdoor brick pavers as bathroom flooring. These are only a few means to manage waste and conserve water at your home.

Smart lighting saves energy.

Use technological advancement in lighting solutions to ensure that your home is lit up only when needed. Consider wattage to light up your home appropriately and also reduce overall energy consumption.

Adhere to these basic principles of an eco-friendly home.  Also create your own comfortable, green space while doing your bit to keep the earth safe.