With every passing day, the circumstances of global warming are getting more serious. It is crucial for people to understand how urgent the situation is and to contribute by using some alternative ways to prevent waste production. This is achieved by the simple replacement of the items in everyday use by the ones that are eco-friendly. Even though a huge number of customers do not even care about things like climate change, there is still a considerable number of those who do. Luckily, the younger generation is more green-oriented and a great number of them are buying eco-friendly products. Here are some suggestions on how to replace items in everyday use with the ones pro-eco. 

1. Napkins

Try replacing the paper towel rolls with a pile of fabric napkins. It is inevitable to have some things spilled. This is expected for the households with children where these situations occur daily. Instead of wasting away the entire roll of the paper towel and wasting your money at the same time, it is a much affordable option to have fabric napkins that can be washed and reused. Fabric napkins can be used for years before replacement. Additionally, the amount of resources needed for cleaning a pile of napkins is less environmentally damaging than wasting away one roll of single-use paper towels. 

2. Water Bottles

The greatest threat to the oceans and environment today is the ridiculous amount of plastic waste that manufacturers produce annually. The problem is that this plastic is just piling up and that a huge amount of it ends up in the oceans causing fatal outcomes for the marine world. A healthy habit we can adopt in order to prevent plastic waste production is definitely by getting yourself reusable water bottles. These water bottles are glass, cleaner, and more hygienic for everyday use. They are durable and if you take proper care of them, they can last for years, unless you get them broken. 

3. Grocery Bags 

Just as previously mentioned, plastic is a huge problem for the environment. Plastic bags only contribute to the black statistic of the daily produced plastic waste. However, you can prevent this by the usage of paper or fabric grocery bags. Paper grocery bags are much more environmentally friendly taking into consideration the amount of time for the paper to decompose. However, paper is not durable and is easy to damage. Therefore, it will not serve the purpose long-term. On the other hand, fabric grocery bags will be your best friend for a long period of time and will replace all the plastic bags you store and end up throwing out. 

4. Eco-Friendly Clothes

There are zero waste clothes. Usually, it is preferable to get yourself clothes made of natural materials like cotton or flax. Numerous brands are using these politics in clothing and shoe production. For example, Adidas produced an entire shoe line made of recycled materials. Another positive example of zero waste products is the best sustainable slippers which are made of natural materials and are completely environment friendly. Having clothes that don’t create more waste is a positive example that you can contribute to the ecological mindset by changing some simple habits. 

5. Natural Cleaning Products 

The chemical industry is seriously polluting. Chemical waste does not dissolve. People usually store them for a very long period of time in containers that are prone to deterioration. Therefore, they cause leaks threatening to pollute and destroy whole ranges of natural goods. We usually do not consider the idea of the cleaning products production and how they can be dangerous for both our family and environment. Luckily, you can replace most of them with natural alternatives. Salt and lime juice make wonders when it comes to cleaning and is all-natural and super nature friendly.

6. Biodegradable Trash Bags

You can reduce and minimize the waste production within the walls of your own home, but you cannot escape waste production. If there is trash in your home then you should use eco-friendly biodegradable trash bags. It is proven that these trash bags do not cause any sort of environmental damage. 

It is fascinating how small habits of ours and some small replacement of the items in everyday use can change the quality of your life and increase ecology-prone mindset. You should go for the things you can use over and over again for some longer period of time. Try to let go of single-use items. This will save you money and reduce waste.

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