Like a house, any yard and garden require special protection from burglary and the intrusion of ill-wishers. The use of comprehensive measures will allow you to equip the territory the way you want, and at the same time not worry about the safety of the property. Even a cozy log cabin will not bring you joy if you do not do everything necessary to protect the property.

Think like a burglar

The scheme of actions and the portrait of the thief do not change over the years. First of all, they study the site, see if there is something of value there. Many do not even try to enter the house, as they go for barbecue grills, tools, garden equipment, bicycles, and even decor items. Therefore, if a person who does not live in the area was noticed several times in a row, it is worth thinking about protecting the site. Additionally, you want to warn the neighbors and law enforcement agencies about this.

It is important to create the illusion that the owner is always in the house and rarely leaves it, even if this is not the case. Various technical elements will help with this. Many thieves, if confused or simply frightened, abandon their venture and choose an easier object.

To prevent unwanted attention from the robbers, it is recommended to advertise your property less and, if possible, store expensive things in the garage, shed or other places equipped for this. Even a pergola or shed can hide property from prying eyes.

Common and easy ways to protect

There are several proven and reliable methods of preventing entry into the territory, the use of which will definitely have a positive effect.

Good relations with neighbors

As practice shows, even behind the highest fence, it is impossible to hide from the watchful eyes of neighbors. Maintaining friendly relations with them can work better than any alarm system: they will immediately notice intruders, call the police, or simply make a noise and scare off burglars.

If the owner of the house or cottage is going to leave for a certain time, you can always ask the neighbors to look after the site and its safety. You must leave your phone number and ask them to call if something suspicious happens.

Visibility of being in the house

Special timers that turn on the light at a certain period, sound effects, and other tricks will scare away strangers if they are waiting for the owners to be absent. For example, you can place automatic lights in different corners of the garden and set for each a certain turn-on time.

Signs on the fence

Even if a video surveillance system is not installed, others do not need to know about it. There are special signs and stickers that are placed on the outside of the fence or gate. They are often used as stop signals for people who want to steal something from the garden. In addition, they are weatherproof and will last for many years.

Closed wicket door with lock

The absence of a lock, bolt, or code element attracts people since it is possible to enter the site without any difficulties. An ordinary hook or door closer will not work, as this is an illusion of safety that will not become an obstacle for a thief. The lock must be explicit and fully functional. This is exactly the element that is not worth saving on.

Reliable wicket gate, and fence

Before equipping a garden, ennobling a log house, arranging a gazebo and barbecue area, you need to take care of protecting the territory. And nothing will do better than a tall monolithic fence without gaps. First, it will be difficult to climb over it unnoticed. Secondly, it will be impossible to see what is in the garden.

It is also better to make the gates and wickets solid, made of high-quality corrugated metal. Even if you just bought your house with a lock on the gate, you need to change it. It is unknown to whom the previous tenants gave duplicate keys.


Guard dogs will deal with the robber and scare them away at the stage of planning the crime. It is important that the dog is trained, and the doghouse is located approximately in the center of the garden for a quick response.

Garden protection solutions

In addition to the classical methods of protecting the garden and the local area, there are also modern solutions.

  1. Alarm: It can be installed along the perimeter of the fence, on the gate, wicket, as well as on the territory. The alarm can be triggered during an unauthorized opening of the lock. For example, someone trying to climb over an obstacle or moving around the site. 
  2. Camcorders: Modern systems are capable of transmitting video to smartphones and other devices in real-time. It is recommended to select models that shoot even in the dark, are able to move and record non-stop. Consider this fantastic doorbell camera
  3. Screens: They work according to the signaling principle. You can install them along a specific perimeter and resemble an invisible curtain. That is the crossing that triggers sound and light signals. This category also includes motion sensors.

For comprehensive protection, consider contacting security firms. They will develop an individual plan, place all the necessary technical elements and connect them directly to a special console. Within ten seconds after receiving the signal, a rapid response team will arrive at the site. They will not give the robber a single chance.

Even with the protection of the garden, you still need to be vigilant. Before going to bed, ensure you close all locks, gates, windows, and garage. That also gives you the opportunity to check if there is anything suspicious on the territory. Any precautions will increase the level of safety of both the site and its owners.