In today’s evolving world, there is a visible trend in favor of eco-friendly home upgrades. People are much more concerned about their future home expenses, so they look forward to investing more in homes with eco-friendly features. Although installing eco-friendly features is a bit expensive to buy, they will ensure a fair amount of savings in the future. Due to this, homeowners today are looking forward to installing more eco-friendly appliances and equipment to increase their home’s resale price. Not to mention, going this route is much more environmentally friendly.

In this article, I will discuss those eco-friendly features that can increase a home’s price. 

Smart and Programmable Thermostat

For most homeowners, 50% of the total utility costs come from cooling and heating. If you install a smart and programmable thermostat, you can easily regulate and control the temperature, and it will also lower your expenses. These thermostats are called “smart “because the cooling and heating preferences are saved, and it maintains an optimal temperature for your home. These smart thermostats are an outstanding energy-saving choice and a convenience factor that will appeal to all house buyers. 

Solar Panels Used For Electricity

Using solar panels is one of the best ways to save on your electricity expense. With the help of these solar panels, you are getting free electricity directly from the sun. During sunny days, the solar panels on your roof can store solar energy. This stored solar energy can be later used as electricity during the time you need it most. You can sell the amount of solar power-generated electricity you do not use to the electric company. The utility company will allow you to use the credit on your electricity bill. 

Tankless Water Heater

Regarding heating, the water heater in your home is considered the second most costly facility owned by you. The traditional water heaters store a massive amount of water and keep it hot until you need it. Tankless water heaters are different and eco-friendly. They heat the water when you demand it. You only generate hot water when you require it, so it cuts the heating cost by a decent amount. Tankless water heaters have many additional advantages, including having less weight time for hot water, they are much smaller than traditional water heaters, and tankless water heaters last nearly twice as long as traditional water heaters. Furthermore, they can be powered by electricity or gas.

Thermal Air Conditioning

Energy cost reduction is considered to be challenging. If you properly want to achieve the most efficiency, thermal air conditioning is the best option. The thermal air conditioners do not use electricity for gathering their energy; they use solar energy power and have an option of natural gas or propane as a backup when it is cloudy or at night. This technology is known as HVAC technology, which is already very prevalent today, and it will be even more widely available shortly. 

Appliances With Energy Star

From your washing machine to your coffee maker, all types of appliances you own can consume a considerable amount of electricity. If you want to sell your home, then you should consider investing in Energy Star devices. This investment can provide a straightforward yet valuable home upgrade that any house buyer appreciates. Energy Star is a Department of Energy program that rates electrical devices based on energy. If you own any old electrical appliances, it’s best that you don’t invest in repairing them; instead, you can buy brand-efficient appliances. Energy Star appliances have the capacity to increase the resale value of your home considerably. 

Reduction of Phantom Loads 

Installation of intelligent and reliable power outlets can help the homeowner remove the phantoms loads, which commonly account for energy wastage of one whole month per year. Many electrical appliances continue to use power even when these appliances are in standby mode. A cable receiver box and stereo systems are a few examples of these appliances, dramatically increasing electricity expenses. This is a serious issue while selling the house because the new buyers would not want to buy a house that would become very expensive with lots of maintenance charges. Therefore, the reduction of phantom loads is very important for increasing the resale value of the house. 

Sealing Leaks and Cracks

Older houses often come with various issues like air leaks and cracks. These air leaks and cracks are the leading cause of irregular thermostat regulation. Having these cracks and leaks can spike up your electricity expenses. Sealing up these nooks and crannies will allow the thermostat to function correctly, thereby lowering the electricity bill considerably. These minor improvements and upgrades are very important and straightforward, beneficial for the environment, and cost-effective. 

Installing High-Efficiency Electrical Appliances  

Older or outdated electrical appliances like old refrigerators, dryers, and dishwashers consume a massive amount of electricity, increasing electricity expenditures. It is very important to replace these appliances before putting your home on the resale market. Purchasing effective and high-efficiency electrical appliances will enable the seller to decrease electricity expenses, which will surely attract the buyers. As I have mentioned before, today’s purchasers look forward to buying houses equipped with eco-friendly and high-efficiency machines.  


Now we can say that the eco-friendly features and upgrades are a fantastic way to increase the selling value of your home today. Every homeowner should consider adding these “green” upgrades mentioned above to their house. Buyers always look forward to homes that have cost-saving appliances and upgrades. The main reason for choosing such homes is because these eco-friendly features save a considerable amount of future expenses. Making eco-friendly changes to your home at any point before selling it will help you sell it faster and for a higher price. Additionally, you should sell your house in probate if a sudden death in your family occurs.