The use of eco-friendly packaging for your small business has quickly become something that you need to do. Non-sustainable products used for packaging such as single-use plastic bags are creating havoc with the ecosystem. The good news is that customers have realized these negative effects on the environment and several people are making conscious efforts to use green products. Although there are several methods you can use for becoming more sustainable, adopting eco-friendly packaging for your products is the most significant move you can make. Here are some tips.

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Using compostable mailers

Several lifestyle-related brands these days make use of these compostable mailers while shipping out various products they have. You can easily and safely break open these bags so that they can decompose without leaving any harmful residues. These are terrific products for our environment.

Refillable and recycled packaging

Some cosmetic brands such as All Earth utilize refillable pots for their products. These pots are created from recycled material. The outside area of the packaging is created from solid beech wood that is sourced from some of the sustainable jungles in England. The inner pots at the same time are created from salvaged fishnets. It is significant to use child-resistant cannabis packaging especially while using items such as cannabis products. There are child-resistant cannabis packaging materials available that can take care of this requirement.

Using reusable and recyclable boxes

Some of the eco-friendly brands that cater to children such as Ashley Rose use corrugated cardboard boxes that can be easily recycled. These boxes are available in terrific design and this company is encouraging the customers to reuse the boxes as storage options.

FSC-certified boxes

There is a store called VS Earrings that sells handmade jewelry. They take pride in using FSC-certified boxes for packing their products. These boxes are created from 70% recycled paper. Even the tape used on these boxes is vegan and it can be recycled as well. 

Selecting an eco-friendly packaging provider

After you have understood the fundamentals of eco-friendly packaging, let’s take a close look at selecting the correct vendor. Here are some criteria you need to consider while searching for sustainable packaging for your products.

Product requirements

It will be a good idea to list all the product requirements based on your company criteria. Some of these include the type of product, size, and dimensions. The packaging you are using must house, protect, and showcase the items in the best possible manner. Therefore, also consider the durability and capacity of the packaging. Other significant considerations are transportation and product presentation. If you are going to sell the products online you must consider eco-friendly packaging with a shipping perspective in mind.

Packaging Customization

Packaging of the product is the first thing people see while buying an item. Therefore, it is significant to make a solid first impression. Select a vendor that permits you to customize the packaging material for creating bags, mailers, and boxes on-brand. In a perfect scenario, the packaging vendor must allow you to select color combinations as well. This is in addition to allowing you to use your logo.


When you go green with the packaging requirements, you must be able to make financial sense for your small business. You need to run the numbers for finding out the profits and costs. After this, find out the vendors that will meet the budget. Keep in mind that these costs may vary depending on factors such as complexity, size, and quantity of the order. For lower quantities, the cost per product will be higher but with a greater number of orders, this per package cost will go down as you are ordering larger quantities.


Going green with the packaging is not just good for the environment, it is terrific for your business. It doesn’t matter what you are selling in the market, it is about time you evaluate the packaging and find out ways of limiting the waste. If you are looking out for sustainable packaging material, you can go online to find the various alternatives available. You can rest assured that the customers will love these materials together with mother nature.

Author: Bella Clarks

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