Moving your body is one of the most significant components of having a healthy lifestyle. No matter how healthy you eat, if you don’t get active and exercise, you won’t function at the health level you need. While many people choose to get their exercise at a gym or training facility, working out outside is a great alternative that is better for you and the planet. So what do you need to know about getting fit outside?

Go Green

One of the most significant advantages of exercising outside is how eco-friendly it is. When you’re getting out, you’re making an effort to keep the environment around you a little cleaner and greener. While gyms are convenient and valuable for specialized training, they aren’t the best for the environment. Even when no one is using the facility, the lights and machines are on and using electricity, which can build up greenhouse gases and warm the environment. 

By exercising outdoors instead of going to a gym, you not only can reduce your carbon footprint but also build some awareness for the environment you’re in. The more you’re outside, the more you’ll care about the world around you. This will lead to better decisions regarding your carbon footprint and green living and could diminish the negative impact on the Earth over time. So not only does working out outside benefit you, but it also benefits the planet.

Gear Up to Exercise

If you want to start an outdoor exercise routine, you’ll need to do some shopping. Because the environment is less controlled than in a gym, you’ll need more specialized gear to prevent injury and help you get the most out of your workout. If your routine involves outdoor running, you’ll need shoes that are specifically designed to tackle the pavement. These will protect your joints from damage that comes from the rough terrain. 

For the cold season, you’ll need something breathable and also keeps you warm. Grab some running accessories for your workouts; it’ll prevent you from overheating and will protect you from the elements outside. Another way to help regulate your internal temperature when facing off against the elements is with layering. This allows you to adjust how warm you are throughout your workout, keeping you comfortable at every stage. Because outdoor workouts are a bit unpredictable, look into some extra gear to help you stay comfortable, no matter the weather. 

Get Involved

One of the best parts about outdoor exercises is the flexibility they offer. While exercising in a gym only gives you limited options, you can do anything you want when you’re outside. Being outside gives you the freedom to move your body in a way that suits you and your taste, not just one regulated by a machine. If you prefer running, you can find trails and routes that give you things to see while you run. If you want something slower-paced, you can go hiking or swimming and take in all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer. 

Another great way you can get your workout in and get involved in your community is with sports. Many places have local leagues for many different sports that you can sign up for. That gives you a way to get fit and make new friends. No matter what sport you’re playing, you exercise more than one muscle group. Therefore, your whole body is getting a good workout. On top of the personal benefits playing sports offers, getting involved in a sport in your town also boosts the community.

Often, local sports raise funds and awareness for charitable causes and build up the entire community through those efforts. Outdoor exercise is not only good at improving your health. It can also make you a better citizen of your local community. Overall, switching your regular workouts outside can benefit your health, the environment, and the neighborhoods around you. 

Author: Finnegan Pierson