The new year is on the horizon  for a greener world and cleaner air. So now’s the time to start planning your resolutions. There are so many things you can choose to focus on during the next year. Whether it’s bettering yourself as a person or adopting a different lifestyle to your clothes.  I mean it’s completely up to you. One resolution that’s definitely worth keeping is learning how to be a bit greener. Here’s how you can begin to grow your green thumb in 2022 for cleaner air.

Green air clothes

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Your green adventure begins by learning how to recycle better and getting into the habit of the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Over the years, waste has become more prevalent than we could imagine. Even something as simple as a plastic bottle cap is harmful to the environment. Reducing means consuming less products and producing trash. Reusing means refilling water bottles and bags. Recycling means turning the product into a completely new one. Once you get into the habit of this simple process, you can prevent producing over 120 pounds of waste every month.

Air Dry Your Clothes

Did you know that the common household uses an average of 20 gallons of water with only one load? Not only is this one of the common ways people waste water, but it can also drain your bank account. And when you combine the cost with running your dryer, it’s just not necessary. For this reason, this why the green thing is to air dry your clothes. For that is considered green.  I mean to be a more cost-effective method. Air drying your clothes is easy. Simply wash a small load of your clothes and hang them up somewhere, preferably outside, to dry. While the best way to do this is to use the clothesline in your backyard, you can improvise by hanging your clothes over your shower rail and closet doors. You can also use wooden hangers as well.

Go Green on Campus

If going green inspires you, you might even want to study it in college.

Environmentalists look for ways to protect the planet by eliminating waste. That’s reducing our carbon footprints and protecting the ozone layer. If you’re interested in the field, but need to switch your major, private student loans may be right for you to cover the high cost of tuition. In most cases, the repayment terms are better and you’ll pay lower interest overall after you complete your degree.

Don’t Use Chemical-Based Cleaners

Another way to go green is to find ways to maintain a clean home by changing the way you clean. Although using cleaners you find in the grocery store is convenient, a lot of people are unaware of how harmful they can be. Pipe cleaners, for example, may be able to clear a clog in record time, but it can cause irreparable damage to the pipes. It can cause the integrity of the pipes to weaken because the chemicals eat away at everything. Febreze, which is a well-known air freshener, contains chemicals that can cause respiratory issues. This is especially worrisome for people who have asthma. A natural way to freshen the air is to fill a spray bottle with water and mix it with the scent you enjoy most. It can be lemon, lavender, or mint. You can even use essential oils as long as you use a measured amount.

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