Life has never been a bed of roses, not even for those who were born with all the advantages. Also, planning for many people does not always follow the desired routes no matter how accurately you predetermine the variables. 

Although nothing beats a stress-free life, characterized by a fantastic job, a sturdy bank account, a wonderful family, and exceptional children, it is impracticable to always expect to have all these. It is impossible to attain all these in reality, and no matter how much you try, there will always be a drawback to your happily ever after. 

Since humans cannot always have life as they wish, man must learn to fortify their mind through gratitude. In most straightforward words, gratitude is being thankful, and it encapsulates one of the most powerful human emotions. The term gratitude originates from the Latin word “gratia” and has been proven by research to improve health and happiness and create satisfaction. This is because whenever we express or receive gratitude, Serotonin and Dopamine are released from our brains, causing us to feel pleased and valued.

In a world like ours, where most people are depressed and overwhelmed, you can decide to incorporate gratitude as an essential life tool. You would encounter minimal negative emotions like fear, anger, and anxiety when practicing the under-listed steps.


According to the research done by Emmons & McCullough in 2003, the benefits that accompany keeping a gratitude journal are enormous. To begin journaling, you only need to purchase a journal and carry it with you consistently. This will enable you to remember to write down all the positive things that happened to you daily. You can write about all the things you are grateful for at the end of each day, including little acts of kindness shown to you.

Your journal can include the times your wishes were fulfilled, when you helped out a stranger, whenever a friend paid for your meal, occasions when an unknown person helped you, etc. These would also serve as an encouragement when things are not going so great with you. You can even order a card deck order if you wish to do something other than journaling. 

Find gratitude in your challenges

It would not cause you much to sit still and consciously note the things you should be grateful for. This is necessary because humans cannot escape all the bad things that come to them. 

So, even amid negative situations, take time to examine the happenings around you deliberately, and you will identify things that will stir up gratitude in you. Gradually cultivate this habit, and your brain will get used to it.

Appreciate everything in life

Many people make the mistake of thinking they should only be grateful for magnanimous events in life, but this is false. Begin from the small things if you want to cultivate a habit of Thanksgiving. Be thankful for the weather, the proper functioning of your bodily organs, security where you reside, your meals, the blessing of family, the ability to be kind to others, and many more.

Spend time with loved ones

Spending time with family is one sure-fire way to ignite gratitude in our hearts. Being with them would provide you with more things to be grateful for. You will draw more closely to them, strengthen your relationship cords, and create more opportunities to show love and kindness to the people you genuinely care about. 

It might be challenging to display gratitude for the family but, keep trying. The next time a family member shares a story with you, pay rapt attention. Be the one to initiate the conversation with a problematic family member through the complement strategy. Say kind words about their hair, shoes, dress, etc. You can also use technology to connect with long-distance friends and family members this will make your bond much stronger.  

Resist from complaining in life

Nothing extinguishes the spirit of gratitude faster than complaining. You must realize that everyone has a problem or something that creates a level of discomfort in their lives. Complaining about yours only shows that you are unwilling to control that problem. Complaining is the natural response of a defeated person. He tends to get impatient, frustrated, anxious, and even depressed. 

Complaining magnifies the problem and drags alongside other negative energies without necessarily creating a solution. The next time you feel a strong need to complain, keep quiet. Instead, focus on something that can inject some positivism into you.

Share your “new self” with others

Everyone would prefer to be encouraged than a complainer on their team, so gratitude can never go out of fashion. It will always be in trend for this particular reason. In your place of work, go around and give someone an encouraging appreciation. Let them partake in your new positivism. These things have a way of making the other person better. It helps add some color to that person’s day. Verbalize your appreciation, meet them in their office, buy them a cup of coffee or even lunch.

Volunteer to help others

It is a fact that one way to create happiness for yourself is to support others who are underprivileged in your local community. At the end of the exercise, you would not only be thankful for the privileges you have, but your happiness levels would have improved.


Gratitude is an incredibly healthy way of life, and so, rather than indulging harmful practices in a bid to gain happiness, seek to be more grateful today. This article has discussed several ways to practice gratitude and inject some positivity into your life.

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