Sustainability and green business habits plus lifestyles are hot topics of conversation nowadays. The effects of climate change and waste production are starting to cause serious issues. Thereby prompting more people to develop greener habits in their personal lives. 

Whether you own a business or you’re an employee, you can take those greener habits into the workplace and create a more eco-friendly environment for everyone. Leadership roles can set clear expectations for sustainability efforts, and team members can make greener, earth-conscious choices in their daily routine. 

Green Business Habit

If you’re not sure how to set greener habits and expectations for your business, we’ve got a few ideas that can help you get started. When everyone is on the same page about a greener workplace culture, you can collectively make a big difference in reducing your business’s carbon footprint. 

Green business habit

Educating Everyone Green 

Not everyone is well-versed in the environmental changes impacting our planet. Or, they might have a basic idea but haven’t been fully informed, or they’ve been fed myths and untruths. One of the best ways to get your employees on board with a green workplace is to educate them on why it’s important

Consider setting up training sessions or a lunch that can serve double duty to talk about environmental issues. You can even have a “family night” with your employees where you watch and discuss an environmental documentary. 

It can also help to establish a team within the company that is passionate about going green. That team can brainstorm specific concerns and solutions while setting goals for the business’ sustainability efforts. A “green team” can also work to make greener habits fun for everyone. Setting up recycling competitions or eco-friendly challenges between employees is a great way to motivate everyone to do more for the environment. It can even inspire them to change their habits outside of the workplace. 

Establishing greener habits that are specific to your industry. For it will also make easier for everyone to get on board. For example, if you’re in the foodservice industry, think about making your delivery options more sustainable. 

Average Vehicle Emissions

Most noteworthy, the average vehicle emits 4.6 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas each year. If you have delivery drivers for your business, that number will be even greater. Consider delivering with bikes. Also using sustainable packaging. Moreover and getting rid of single-use plastics to offset those emissions. You can also set pricing limits when it comes to delivery orders. Especially so you’re not sending your driver out multiple times each day. I mean just to deliver a sandwich or beverage. 

Setting Up Simple Programs

It’s okay to start small with greener habits in the workplace. Employees are more likely to turn an action into a habit when it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Some of the easiest ways to promote sustainability include: 

  1. Implementing a recycling program
  2. Going paperless
  3. Managing energy consumption
  4. Working with sustainable vendors
  5. Using eco-friendly cleaning products

Most loyal employees want to do what’s best for the business, even if they don’t have an interest in the environment. You can appeal to their nature by informing them of the benefits of a sustainable workplace. That includes things like your business having a higher market value, greater employee retention and recruiting, and boosted revenue. 

On top of it all, these small changes can make a big impact on your business’ finances. You’ll save money on utility bills, produce less waste, and cut back on spending on things like paper and plastic office supplies. 

Because so many consumers are interested in sustainable businesses, going green could actually help you to bring in more revenue, too. Make your eco-friendly efforts part of your brand. Be proud of what you’re doing and tell your consumers about the positive changes you’re trying to make. You might be surprised by the positive response – and the ROI your endeavors bring. 

Connect With Other Green Businesses 

Going green can (and should) be a community effort. Once you’ve established an eco-friendly workplace campaign, consider connecting with other sustainable businesses in your area. When you partner with other companies who have made the environment a priority, your own business will benefit by

  • Reducing consumer distress
  • Dealing with less packaging
  • Saving on costs
  • Enhancing your brand image

Your goal should be to establish a partnership and community that focuses on a sustainable future. Whether you choose to merge your business with another or simply support other companies in the area with the same initiatives, that kind of connection will inspire leaders, employees, and consumers to make greener choices in their everyday lives. 

It’s never too late to set greener habits and expectations for your business. By starting small and growing your green goals along the way, it’ll be easier to get everyone on board. Not only will it benefit the planet, but your target audience will take notice, and your brand will become better known for the efforts you’re making.

Author: Noah Rue