With each day comes new challenges, from increased workloads to family pressures. These things affect our psychological and mental health directly or indirectly. It is vital to take breaks and restore our inner peace for better productivity and quality of life. A garden works better to achieve inner tranquility and calmness as nature has a way of soothing the mind and restoring inner joy and happiness. Here are some DIY projects for your garden to improve inner peace.

1. Enclose the Garden with a Mesh

One of the best ways to achieve inner peace is to ensure your garden is enclosed from the outside world. A barrier helps reduce distractions from the surrounding environment and brings a sense of safety and security.

Planting trees around the garden is one of the most popular ways of reducing interference from the outside. However, it is not effective since trees have some spaces between them, which may cause distractions. Surrounding the garden with a mesh tarp material is ideal for eliminating the problem. This material also helps to block wind, dust, and debris from outside.

2. Add a Water Feature

A water feature will enhance your landscape and add tranquility. The water feature can range from a pond fountain to a waterfall. However, if you have enough resources, you could add an outdoor aquarium to the garden.

Small fountains and waterfalls are easier to install than ponds or aquariums. A pond requires months of planning and a good water circulation system to keep the water clean and in motion. For aquariums, temperature variations are the biggest hurdle. Nevertheless, adding a water feature adds to the beauty and calmness of your garden.

3. Invite Wildlife

Watching and feeding birds can be a relaxing activity. Your garden can be a sanctuary and a haven for different birds. You need to ensure that you have the right environment where the wild creatures will want to stay. Think about shelter and protection of the animals from predators.

Shrubs, grass, and nests will provide cover for small animals while shielding you from sun, wind, and rain. Including a wide variety of flowers, seeds and fruits will attract birds and butterflies to your garden. Water is crucial for the survival of the animals, and a shallow bowl or raised birdbath would be a creative way of keeping the creatures around.

4. A Seating Area

Walking around the garden is fun and enjoyable. However, when you want to meditate and relax watching the beautiful garden, a place to recline is vital. The sitting space could include a small coffee table while sipping your favorite beverage to enjoy the view.

The extent of building the seating area is purely dependent on you. It could be completely functional or fanciful, depending on your taste. The space is also an ideal spot for reading and napping.

5. Dry Waterfall

A dry waterfall is another project that will add serenity to your garden. As the name suggests, this waterfall does not have running water. Instead, it’s an arrangement of rocks, stones, gravel, and sand to depict a waterfall.

The dry waterfall can take different shapes depending on the size you want. A single cascade will require a few stones, while multiple cascades may need more rocks and more work. Placing rocks of different sizes to create a contrast on the heights is the main agenda for a dry waterfall.

6. A Mini Bridge

The mini bridge is an attractive feature that you can include in your garden. The bridge serves different roles, from crossing an artificial pond or stream to aesthetics. An arched bridge is more charming and popular for gardens. The rails on it make it appear like a fairy-tale bridge for children.

7. Color the Garden

Many people do not consider having a color scheme for their garden but rather a garden full of colors. Having too many colors can be messy as they evoke different emotions. Fortunately, creating a color scheme is not a challenging endeavor. You only need to think about how you would dress or decorate your home.

To keep your garden calm and peaceful, you need to avoid contrasting colors and embrace cool textures. Purple, blue, and white colors help bring the garden relaxation effects. On the other hand, red, orange, and yellow keep the garden warm, vibrant, and energizing.

Find Your Inner Peace

Attaining inner peace requires the right environment for meditation and relaxation. A zen garden is an ideal atmosphere to evoke thoughts of self-realization and calmness. If you are still figuring out what projects to start for your garden, consider the above points.

Author: Sheryl Wright

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