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If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of color and lushness to your home, houseplants are a great way to go. The ones you’re about to read about won’t even need much more than a bit of water from you for them to thrive. Here are six plants that are easy to grow indoors! 

Peperomia Plant

Peperomias are actually a quite diverse group of small, easy indoor plants that have highly textured and waxy leaves. Some of the more popular varieties include silverleaf, baby rubber plant, watermelon, and ripple peperomia. Their colorful, waxy foliage can add more color to any space without taking up too much of that space.

Chinese Evergreen

If you’ve got a larger living room, this plant might be a good choice. It can grow to be about three feet wide and tall. The leaves feature a variety of shades of red, pink, green, gray, and silver, making it an excellent choice for those areas in your home that are low in light. You may have even seen these plants decorating airport or shopping mall plantings because they are adaptable as well as attractive. 

Grape Ivy

There are many different varieties of grape ivy, with some having leaves that are cut more deeply than other types. It doesn’t matter which variety of grape ivy you opt for, the deep green, shiny leaves will give any room a more vibrant texture. The tendrils of this plant will cling with ease to a stake or trellis so you can have a vertical display. Yes, it’s technically a vine, but it has a sort of mounding habit, which also makes it the ideal choice for a tidy-looking yet lush indoor hanging basket.

Norfolk Island Pine

When talking about the outdoors, a new tree can be rather expensive. However, easy trees meant for the indoors, like the Norfolk Island Pine, can be both eye-catching and affordable for beginners. The key to keeping this plant healthy indoors is to ensure that it has light that’s bright yet indirect. If you put it in low light situations, its lower branches can turn brown before falling off. The soft texture of this plant gives any room a cozy, woodsy feeling. It can be especially eye-catching when decorated for the holidays.


The name dieffenbachia refers to a few distinct species, and all of them have stems that are cane-like accompanied by lush green foliage that’s variegated in cream or white. Their large, white and green leaves will add more of a tropical touch to whichever room you decide to put it in. One of its more common names, the dumb cane, is a reference to the effect of its sap if you eat it. It can irritate your throat and mouth, making speaking more difficult.

Snake Plant

This succulent plant is easy to care for. It can almost seem to be indestructible. Snake plants tolerate low light and meager water, and yet still maintain their great look. There are several different varieties that feature different patterns of the leaves as well as different shapes of the leaves themselves. Any type of snake plant can add strong vertical lines and a texture that’s unmatchable with its leaves shaped like swords. 

When you want to bring a bit of the outdoors in, you can’t do it better than with a plant. The ones you’ve just read about are easy to care for and will help keep the air in your home a bit cleaner. There are quite a few more easy ones, but these are great for beginners and people who might not think they have a green thumb.

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