Sometimes the effort to go green in business is about saving the environment, but there’s another side to the issue that often gets lost in the discussion. It is that owners who know how to implement green policies wisely can save plenty of money in the process. So, while many entrepreneurs complain about the difficulty of going paperless or cutting back on energy usage, others take the opportunity to conserve funds and operate a more efficient business. How do today’s innovative, creative owners earn some green by going green

In addition to implementing paperless workspaces, they create transport fleets that employ high-end technology to save fuel and comply with all laws. Businesses in multiple industries encourage workers to telecommute or do their jobs at least partly from home. Manufacturers turn to smart packaging that uses minimal paper. Independent owners purchase electric or hybrid vehicles to chop gasoline consumption and thus cut down on local air pollution. Here are details about some of the ways entrepreneurs save money for their companies by implementing environmentally responsible policies.

Save fleet

Paperless Offices

There are already many that know how to conserve energy at home but it has taken more than a decade to perfect the paperless office, but now the concept is a reality in millions of workspaces worldwide. The trick for making the idea feasible is to eliminate copy machines and printers from the office, institute a strict no paper policy and make it easy for new employees to communicate and do all their tasks digitally.

Transport Fleets

With the right plan, a team of experienced drivers, and excellent fleet management software, transport companies can greatly reduce fuel usage. However, there’s more to operating a fleet than saving money and staying safe. The industry is heavily regulated. Managers need to stay in compliance with the many laws, like HOS (hours of service) rules and others. They need to use sophisticated software that can monitor every aspect of trips.

Owners must be fully cognizant of HOS rules that dictate virtually every action of a driver’s behavior. That includes the number and length of rest breaks and equipping trucks with sleeper compartments. Moreover, how long each shift is for every driver in the fleet. Smart managers can save their companies significant amounts of money by following the rules of the road. In addition, keeping vehicles in top working condition, switching to electric vehicles, and never exceeding cargo weight limits. It’s critical for fleet managers to be aware of the latest laws and to use ELDs (electronic logging devices). That way they can monitor and document each driver’s behavior and shift length.

Smart Packaging

Minimalist packaging has been on the rise since the early 2000s. It began as a cost-cutting measure in large corporations and gained momentum during the 2008 financial crisis when thousands of small manufacturers were forced to cut business costs in any way they could. With recent advances in plastics, it’s much easier for merchants to send goods to retailers in minimal packaging.

Company Vehicles

Initial costs for hybrid, hybrid plug-ins, and all-electric vehicles are higher than for traditional ones. But companies can save significantly on long-term fuel expenses by making the switch to non-gas-powered cars, trucks, and vans.

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