AIPH Garden Promotes Green City Principles at Expo 2019 Beijing

The International Association of Horticultural Producers, AIPH will be demonstrating and promoting Green City. Most importantly, the principles through an AIPH garden at ‘Expo 2019 Beijing.’

In addition, the garden titled “The Rewilding Garden,” has been designed for the AIPH approved world horticultural event. It was created by UK and Singapore based landscape architects, Grant Associates.

So, as a key area of AIPH focus and activity. So the AIPH Green City concept and guidelines promote awareness. Awareness to the urgent need for urban greening. All under the occasion of Expo 2019 Beijing. Therefore, AIPH had the unique opportunity. One to bring the Green City message. One to one of the world’s largest cities. Moreover an estimated 16 million expo visitors.

Consequently, the expo theme: ‘Live Green, Live Better’. For it aims to demonstrate ecological concepts and garden ideas. More noteworthy, is the AIPH garden covering 1500m² which will present and promote the benefits of integrating nature into cities and urban areas. Additionally, the garden is designed with sustainable landscape strategies. Likewise, the garden will both delight and inspire visitors who will be able to experience nature.

The exposition will be held in Beijing, China from April 29, 2019 to October 7th 2019. It will be one of the largest horticultural trade events in the world and will attract members of the horticulture industry and public alike. The expo received official approval by AIPH as an A1 category event in 2012 and subsequently gained the recognition of the Bureau of International Expositions.

Design Details of AIPH’s Green City | Expo 2019 Beijing 

Entering the Rewilding Garden 

Firstly, visitors begin their journey through a display of the core values of sustainable and biophilic design. An edible wall will demonstrate how plants thrive in peat-free soil, with some plants growing without any soil at all in nutrient rich water (an example of hydroponics). 

Urban Healing Forest Garden

As visitors walk along an elevated boardwalk through an ‘urban forest’ they are immersed in greenery. Information boards will explain how surrounding trees and plants not only clean the air, soil and water, but also promote well-being by bringing people into closer contact with nature. Additionally, a sequence of seating ‘snugs’ will further enhance visitors’ immersive experience, providing space to sit and relax, and learn more about the work of AIPH. 

Rain Garden

This area within the urban forest will be showcasing sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS). Ones that creatively manage and clean urban run-off, helping to sustain a biodiverse and rich habitat.

Pollination Meadow

Full of color and contrasting textures, the meadow will demonstrate how cities can provide a biodiverse habitat – all for birds, bees and butterflies. The variety of plant species not only require low maintenance, but are perfect for urban environments. Not to mention, they are also adaptable to climate change. 

Flower Pavilion

Inspired by the shape of a chrysanthemum, the official flower of Beijing, the pavilion will juxtapose AIPH’s ‘intellectual’ messages with emotionally evocative artworks. For instance, this will include suspended flower displays, a horticulture-inspired floor graphic and a digital display providing information on AIPH’s Green City concept. The pavilion will measure 8m in diameter.

Finally and after the Expo, the AIPH Garden will remain at the show site in Beijing. In conclusion, it will become a permanent showcase for the AIPH Green City concept in the 21st century.

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