Dallas, May 24, 2022 IoTecha announces the general availability of the IoT.ON™ CCS-C80C, “Bolt, Power and Go” charging column.

The CCS-C80C is an EV charging column designed to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of the installation of level 2 charging infrastructure for commercial customers and multi-family residences. The white label column features IoTecha’s industry-leading Level 2 AC smart charging module, pre-integrated in a galvanized steel post. It is available in different colors and with custom branding.

Final installation of a level 2 EV charger costs on average between $500 and $1,000 for a residential deployment and over $2,000 for commercial deployment. A significant portion of that cost is labor: the longer it takes to commission the unit, the more expensive the installation. Moreover, when deploying outdoor installations, customers typically have a choice between expensive level 2 chargers or comparatively inexpensive chargers that are attached to pedestals deployed at the time of installation. While attractive on paper, the latter approach requires more on-site assembly and may yield uneven quality depending on the performance of individual technicians often left to their own implementation choices.

CEO of IoTecha:

“IoTecha is a catalyst for the EV industry: we accelerate electrification,” said Oleg Logvinov, CEO of IoTecha. “We facilitate access to the most advanced EV charging technology, including smart charging, bi-directional power transfer and Vehicle-to-Grid through lower prices and faster time to market. We do it by working closely with our customers – who are effectively partners – listening and responding to their needs. Our charging column is a perfect example of that approach.”

Installation and Maintenance

The CCS-C80C is quick and easy to install and maintain. The six-foot unit comes pre-assembled for an easy two-step installation: anchor and connect the power. In addition, it has a detachable base plate, wide opening for conduits, and supplied hardware. It allows for convenient, rapid, and durable fixation to the ground. An easily accessible terminal block and disconnect switch make the connection to the electrical circuit safe and efficient.

IoTecha’s EV charging “inner module,” is a UL-certified component deployed today in tens of thousands of EV chargers. The module is inside the column and you can easily be swap it for maintenance purposes. The inner module concentrates IoTecha’s state-of-the-art level 2 AC technology. Moreover, it delivers fast charging (up to 19.2kW at 80A), offering versatile and reliable networking options. It also implements standards and interoperable high-level communications. Built-in support for IEC/ISO 15118 and OCPP advances driver experiences and innovative services such as Plug and Charge. In addition, services like Smart Charging and bi-directional power flow. The inner module is pre-configured at the factory with customer-defined settings: technicians no longer need to perform on-site configuration for every single charger, eliminating another lengthy and error-prone step in a charger’s final installation.

“IoTecha’s EV charging column offers the level of quality and robustness of ground-mounted chargers at the price of pedestal-mounted units,” added Vincent Weyl, SVP of Growth at IoTecha. “In addition, our EV charging column greatly simplifies installation and maintenance of the infrastructure, improving quality and lowering the total cost of ownership for our customers.”

Monitor Remotely

The CCS-C80C EV charging column features native connectivity to IoTecha’s IoT.ON™ platform. IoT.ON™ Cloud and Edge services allow customers to remotely monitor, configure, and update their chargers. Moreover, this reduces maintenance costs and improves customer service. IoTecha’s topology-aware energy management allows the creation of highly customized optimization algorithms. It works to meet the operational needs of site hosts and facility managers while minimizing electricity costs.

The manufacturer of the CCS-C80C EV charging column makes them in the United States. Moreover, DISTRIBUTECH attendees can learn more at IoTecha’s booth (2405), which runs through tomorrow, May 25, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

Source: API Gateway

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