The world has advanced in many ways and it applies to the revolution of the health community too. Nowadays, there are diets of all types and kinds which are backed up by science as well. After the pandemic, people have been cautious regarding their immunity, gut health, and overall health being. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see individuals trying out various diets. 

People diet for different reasons. It can vary from person to person as someone might be opting for a diet that promotes weight loss meanwhile some people might prefer a diet that helps in achieving body mass. When it comes to choosing a healthy diet then there are a plethora of options available. For example, you can avail service of meal kits such as Dinnerly which promotes a healthy living lifestyle. Moreover, make sure to use Dinnerly Discount Code and receive an amazing discount on your online purchase. 


Are you confused regarding which diet can be best for you? Well, many important factors come into play while optimizing your diet. Don’t dwell on the diversity of options. Now, take a closer look at some of the various kinds of diets that individuals are using globally. Remember, many diets works but it is crucial to look out for the specific one which suits your body type!

We have enlisted some of the best diets for you below which are supported by science as well:

1. The Vegan Diet

The vegan diet has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years-rightly so! It is because of the immense benefits related to overall health. 

Did you know you can lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases & reduce the pain of arthritis as well?

Additionally, people also prefer going vegan due to ethical values and environmental reasons. However, it is also a fact that they turn vegan to improve health.

  • What is a vegan diet?

The diet is wholly based on plant foods. There are zero animal-infused products included in the vegan diet. 

  • Veganism: 

The term veganism is related to a vegan lifestyle. It means you terminate all kinds of animal cruelty. It applies to all parts whether for food, clothing, etc. 

Did you know that the interest in veganism hit an all-time high in 2020?

So, the vegan diet is all about plant-based products. However, it has a lot of variety at the same time.

  • Different Varieties within Vegan Diet:

We have enlisted some of the best and most common vegan diet types below:

  • Raw Food:

You only consume raw fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts to other plant-based foods. Moreover, you have to cook these foods at specific temperatures such as 118°F (48°C).

  • The Whole Food:

In this diet, you eat lots of whole plant foods such as fruits, whole grains, legumes, fresh veggies, and seeds. 

  • The Thrive Diet:

You are supposed to eat plant-based whole foods that are not cooked fully. The foods should be cooked at less temperature. 

  • The 80/10/10 Diet:

You have to eliminate or restrict fat-rich plants in an 80/10/10 diet. Overall, it is based on raw food such as greens and raw fruits. It is also commonly known as a fruitarian diet.

  • Starch Diet:

It is low fat but high in carbohydrates. This is like the 80/10/10 diet. However, you have to cook potatoes, rice, and corn. 

Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet:

Did you know you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases & reduce the pain of arthritis as well?

The advantages are listed below:

  • It boosts your mental health and cheers your mood
  • A vegan diet can also decrease the chances of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, to a lot more
  • You can maintain body weight
  • It also prevents and lowers the chances of diabetes
  • It promotes better environmental conditions
  • Fewer medications to a lot more

2. The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean recipes are centered on traditional and typical foods. It originated from countries that share the border with the following countries:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • & Italy

So, how come the diet became famous?

It was due to a fact that expert researchers observed that people around these areas were healthy comparatively other individuals. 

  • What can you eat on a Mediterranean Diet?

You can consume some products such as:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Heart-healthy fats.
  • Eat within Limits:

There are some foods that you should consume in moderation which are mentioned below:

  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Poultry.
  • Prohibited Foods:

You aren’t allowed to eat the following foods:

  • Processed foods
  • Refined sugar
  • Processed grains
  • Say no to beverages.

Health Benefits:

Did you know people around Italy have a lower rate of cardiovascular diseases? 

The diet is well-known for its immense benefits in reversing or reducing the risk of:

  • Heart attacks & strokes.
  • Type-2 diabetes. 
  • It also helps in losing weight in a healthy & balanced way. 
  • It also promotes healthy brain activities and protects brain function. 

Therefore, the Mediterranean meal plan is the right option if you want to improve your overall health. 

3. The Low-carb, whole-food diet

Are you looking to maintain your body shape or reduce body mass? Then, the low-carb, whole-food diet is the perfect option for you! It will help you improve and optimize overall health and decrease the risk of harmful disease as well. The finest part of this is, that it is adjustable. It means you can optimize your carb intake accordingly to your preferences. 

The diet comprises the following foods:

You are allowed to eat veggies, meat, fish, eggs, fruits, and nuts, whereas you are not allowed to consume processed foods and refined sugars. Moreover, you can add fats to your meals but they should be low in starch.

So, there are other famous diets such as paleo-diet (well-known for weight loss), Gluten-free diet to a lot more. 

However, you should always consider your nutritionist before incorporating any of those into your lifestyle. Moreover, you can also look for hassle-free healthy options such as meal kits by Dinnerly. Do not forget to apply Dinnerly Discount Code to lower the amount on your online purchase.

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