Fleet Xos platform is available now. Creating the most connected vehicle ecosystem available today.

Fleet xos platform

The new fleet Xos platform is something. I got to see it at the launch of it at fleet week. For (NASDAQ: XOS) is a leading fleet services provider. When I was out in California they unveiled its connected vehicle ecosystem called the Xosphere. This was at a reveal event this evening during the inaugural fleet Xos Week. I know that Xos is the only solutions provider to enable electrification from start to finish. That’s with durable commercial vehicles. Also flexible charging infrastructure technology.

Fleet Xos. Xosphere software

Cloud Platform

As well as NOW, a cohesive cloud management platform. One that’s enabling remote tracking and monitoring. In addition, to control of fleet assets across a fleet operator’s portfolio.

So Xos announced its new software called the Xosphere™.  For it’s a fleet intelligence platform. One that’s built on top of Xos’ proprietary connected vehicle technology. Also it is purpose-built to minimize the total cost of ownership of an electric fleet.

The platform allows fleet managers to:

  1. Monitor real-time performance and receive alert and over-the-air updates to improve their fleet’s efficiency.
  2. Measure and minimize their fleet’s total energy cost.
  3. Access service and support at the click of a button.

UNIFIRST Using Fleet Xos Platform

UniFirst is a North American leader in the supply and servicing of uniform and workwear programs. For it is also an existing Xos customer. Also they have already been using the Xosphere software. All to track the health of its fleet in real-time.

Look folks, I saw this software in person. I know this is totally a cutting-edge fleet management platform. One that Xos has introduced to the market helps. For it will not only help monitor the health of fleets in real-time. However, this solution will also allow customers to track our service history. Finally, and also alert their customers.

Xos fleet platform. All the Xosphere platforms

All when preventative maintenance is suggested. In addition, it helps optimize our energy usage.

“Our new offerings position Xos as a leading end-to-end fleet services provider. All which is a monumental milestone for us.”  This came from Giordano Sordoni. For he is shown in the video and Xos’ COO and co-founder.

In conclusion, Xos’ approach to scaling and production design is unique. For it allows the company to move with agility. Also I have heard it helps to use capital more effectively than traditional OEMs.These trucks are not merely concepts. For they are a reality. Finally and can be ordered today. All to advance fleet electrification efforts across the country.”

Source: Xos, Inc. http://www.xostrucks.com.LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)


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