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As her Stephanie Moram’s website says: It’s one thing to say you want to live a more eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyle. It’s quite another to actually do it. Stephanie Moram and I are old friends and we talk so many diverse things about going green to give a quick show to the idea of how everything is green!

From composting to whether you’re looking for ways to reduce your consumption of plastic. Then find ethical and sustainable fashion, or remove harmful chemicals from your home. Because like me, Stephanie’s goals are to empower you with information that makes it as easy as possible.

Stephanie Moram

Going green is not about switching to expensive products. It’s about lessening the damage and impact we have on the planet. That means creating a circular economy and closing the loop. To do so, we have to focus on reusing what we have and purchasing from companies with sustainable business models.

Doing so will reduce our environmental impact and save you money in the long run. It;s important to do a bit of research into the company and products you buy. Do they use plastic in their products? Harmful chemicals? Are their mailers plastic and non-recyclable? These are some questions to ask your self.

Live a Little More Green isn’t going to be just some series that you sign up for and never look at. I am not going to make you listen to an hour’s worth of content or give you a bunch of workbooks.

Listen to the interview on the Green Living Guy podcast now!

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