Take a stand against Animal Cruelty in the fashion industry with handbags from Urban Originals.

Made with a blend of vegan leather and recycled materials, Urban Originals is paving the way to better and ethical fashion across the world. They have rejected any kind of animal leathers and fabrics from the very beginning, showing that chic and adorable handbags can be kind too.

Founded by Susanna Cates, the brand has grown beyond its Australian origins. Out of Sydney and now Los Angeles, you can find Urban Originals in boutiques around the world. For instance, in Australia, the United States, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. The global love and demand also support them in their commitment to ensuring that every product is made in fair trade conditions and passes Department Store and Industry ethical standards.

Their mission goes beyond just ethical fashion to also stand against human trafficking and protect human rights. Urban Original proudly donates 10% of all online sales to causes that work to free modern-day slaves and ensures that no one else goes through that.

Check out their best-sellers below and feel as good as your fashion sense. Find their complete lineup on their website here, on Anthropologie, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.

Urban Originals Astro Tote Handbag

Stay tuned for a photoshoot coming soon!

Source: Urban Originals

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