So let’s  talk about with a focus on climate resilience and natural infrastructure.


This Natural Infrastructure Graduate Fellowship has also multiple funded research assistantships for a resilient infrastructure. That’s all available for students to conduct both practice-oriented and basic research.

Located in natural infrastructure, such as:

1. methods and engineering guidance

2. tool development

3. cost and economic analysis

4. monitoring and adaptive management

5. and the social dimensions of climate – resilient infrastructure

All with an emphasis on the integration of natural and conventional systems..

Kia Parks initiative

Kia Parks Initiative

Kia has recently unveiled five facilities in Latin America as part of their Kia Parks initiative. All which seeks to restore and revitalize abandoned or neglected parks and recreational areas. The project was also headed by Kia Central and South America Regional Headquarters. Also it is meant to support sustainable living in the region. In addition, NGOs and government personnel were present for the inauguration of the parks. All which were all reconstructed using recyclable and sustainable materials. The new Kia Parks can also be found in Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, and Peru.

To foster health, well-being and ecological sustainability in local areas. Now Kia decided to use materials such as PET plastics, wood, and aluminum. Their selection of the locations was based on their potential to have a positive effect on residents and visitors, as well as their ability to exemplify Kia’s vision for sustainable mobility.


In Ecuador, Kia renovated the Galapagos Islands, a renowned world heritage site, providing much-needed improvements. Now, people arriving at the ports of Baltra and Santa Cruz can benefit from the remodeled amenities that Kia has supplied, helping to spread awareness.

Kia is putting forth great effort to save biodiversity, natural beauty, and environmental sustainability. In the Galapagos Islands, the company is installing four EV charging stations. For this is the first of which will be powered by solar energy. All in the aid of the goal for all new vehicle imports being electric by 2025. In Chile, Paraguay, and Ecuador, public parks have been improved. Especially with sports areas, exercise equipment and replanted foliage.

EV Charging with Solar

In addition, now EV charging, solar panels, and amenities. I mean for physically disabled people. Kia also restored recreational facilities at the Puericultorio Pérez Araníbar in Lima, a highly regarded center.