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First of all, the EV Route event is going inaugural Route Zero Road Trip. For it aims to promote clean air standards and also American-powered electric vehicles (EVs). That’s by visiting iconic destinations along the most noteworthy historic Route 66. This exciting event is also perfect for zero-emission enthusiasts. In addition to EV road trip lovers. Especially with the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles thereby serving as the starting point: for the Route Zero Relay. Beginning on Thursday, April 27th, and also continuing through June. For this cross-country adventure highlights the push. Especially for more robust air standards. Moreover and the adoption of both consumer and commercial zero-emission vehicles.

White House Launches EV Route Event Investments with the EVA and Other Organizations

EV Route event Zero Road Trip

The White House has set a goal for 50% of all auto sales to be electric by 2030. All under its EV Acceleration Challenge. In late March, the White House released a fact sheet. Especially outlining EV charging investments. Also federal fleet plans, and partner agreements. All to achieve this target. The Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) and other organizations are committed to hosting more than 300 EV events in 2023. Thereby contributing to this ambitious goal. In addition and for more information, check out the EV fact sheet.

Join the EV Route Event into Zero Road Trip event as a Driver or Supporter

The EVA is seeking drivers to take the “baton” from one city to another during the Route Zero Road Trip. They are also looking for drivers and EVA chapter members to support the event’s multiple stops, featuring a variety of EV models and driver experiences. If you’re interested in participating, fill out this form.

EV Route Event

All EVA local chapters are invited to these events, where they can bring their EVs and educate attendees and the press. Each stop will be different, but some will include press conferences, local speakers on no-emission or EV topics, and informal EV car showcases. If you have any questions, please contact EVA President Elaine Borseth at or Senior Communications Specialist Grant Gerke at

Social Media and the Zero Relay into EV Route Event 

As the event approaches, the EVA will provide social media hashtags for participants to use, as the relay event will include charging station images and other fun pictures. Stay tuned for more information on how to share your Route Zero Road Trip experiences online.

EV Route Event: Zero Relay Cities and Schedule

The Route Zero Relay schedule is subject to change, so please visit this page for updates on finalized dates. As of May 1, 2023, the schedule is as follows:

Los Angeles, CA – Thursday, April 27th

In addition, the Santa Monica Pier event will kick off the Route Zero Road Trip. A member of the Union of Concerned Scientists will be driving to Flagstaff, AZ. Moreover and podcasting along the way. Be sure to follow them on Twitter for updates and information.

EV Route Event Plan

Flagstaff, AZ – Friday, April 28

Check out photos of the Flagstaff stop here.

Santa Fe, NM – Sunday, April 30

View pictures from the Santa Fe stop here.

Kansas City, MO – Wednesday, May 3

The Kansas City event will take place at Berkley Riverfront Park, featuring Mayor Quinton Lucas as the guest speaker. The event starts at 11:15 AM CT.

Joliet, IL (near Chicago) – Sunday, May 7

The Joliet stop will be held at Joliet Community College’s EV Charging Stations, located at 1215 Houbolt Rd., Joliet, IL.

Detroit, MI – Tentatively May 16, 17, or 18

Stay tuned for more information on the Detroit stop.

Cleveland, OH – June

Pittsburgh, PA – June

Baltimore, MD – June

Washington, D.C. – June

Updated EV Tax Credit Guide for the EV Route Event

The federal EV tax credit has numerous battery material and domestic manufacturing requirements. To find out which EV models qualify for a full or half tax credit as of early April 2023, download the EV Tax Credit Guide.

Join the Route Zero Road Trip to celebrate clean air standards and American-powered electric vehicles while exploring the historic Route 66. Stay updated on the event schedule and get involved to help promote a cleaner, greener future for all.

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