Ford Fusion Energi retail sales jump 39 percent in Los Angeles in June; Fusion Hybrid retail sales in L.A. rise 35 percent in June

DEARBORN, Mich., July 25, 2016 – Ford Fusion electrified vehicle retail sales spiked in the Los Angeles market during the month of June, the first month of availability for the new 2017 model, as consumers remain charged up about the high-tech, efficient sedan with room for five.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Gone Titanium
fusion retail registrations in l.a For Ford Fusion Hybrid Gone Titanium Plugin Hybrid Electric aka Energi,

Based on Ford June sales figures, Fusion Energi sales jumped nearly 40 percent in L.A. compared to June 2015. During the same time period, Fusion Hybrid sales jumped 35 percent. Both of these numbers are retail sales and do not include fleet sales.

So the new 2017 Energi can travel 610 miles on a full tank of gas and battery charge.

Electrified Fusions becoming the new normal

In 2011, Hybrid sales represented 10 percent of new Fusion retail registrations in L.A.

So through May of 2016, the most current data available, Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi plug-in represent 42 percent of new Fusion retail registrations in L.A..

That’s according to Ford. It’s analysis of new vehicle registration data from IHS Automotive, despite gasoline prices falling over the same period.

Overall sales of Fusion in L.A. are also bucking the trend in the midsize car segment. So with sales up 20 percent in June and 12 percent year-to-date.

The L.A. region was the only region in America to hold consistent in midsize sedan sales last year. Almost one out of every 10 midsize sedans are sold in the L.A. region and since 2012, the Ford Fusion has doubled its sales and share there.

Now Fast Forward to 2018 and Fusion Energi’s electric range projected to gain nearly 20 percent. 

So the reason I bring this up is the new Fusion Energi is projected to offer an EPA-estimated electric-only range of 25 miles. Now while they claim it’s 20 percent greater than that of the current model. I mean once test drives from Green Living Guy occur again, we will take their word.

It also says Ford engineers designed a new 9.0-kilowatt-hour air-cooled lithium-ion battery. Thereby offering greater energy capacity with no change to the physical size of the battery pack.

However more noteworthy and based on data generated by more than 23,000 MyFord® Mobile plug-in hybrid customers over several years. They decided, Ford estimates the 2019 Fusion Energi will potentially allow up to 80 percent of plug-in customers to drive their typical daily commute on electricity alone, with the support of both home and workplace charging, assuming the vehicle is fully charged daily at home and at work.

In conclusion and even without workplace charging, Ford estimates approximately 48 percent of plug-in hybrid customers could potentially get to and from their jobs on electric power alone.

Finally, this estimate is based on MyFordMobile data collected. I mean Like in 2011. That’s from more than 19 million unique trips. All from 23,000 Ford battery electric vehicles. That’s as well as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Source: Ford Motor Company

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