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Introduction to Soorty clothing company

Soorty clothing is a global denim manufacturer. For they are committed to minimizing environmental and social impact. For it has joined the CIRCULOSE® Supplier Network (CSN) to drive the circular economy forward. The CSN, spearheaded by Renewcell, comprises forty-seven yarn and textile producers committed to ensuring a steady supply of CIRCULOSE® to the market. Soorty’s membership strengthens its dedication to transforming its supply chain into a value chain and consistently improving circular solutions through responsible innovation.

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Recycled Fiber Solutions from Soorty clothing company

For years, Soorty clothing company has utilized post-consumer waste (PCW) and post-industrial waste (PIW). That’s most commonly in its fabric developments. Soorty offers recycled fiber solutions through its recycling initiative, Second Life, employing high-quality materials and smart processes that prioritize longevity and durability. Soorty clothing company actively contributes to reducing our environmental and social footprints throughout the entire product life cycle by educating all stakeholders and monitoring, controlling, and optimizing its own impact on the environment and society.

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Soorty’s comprehensive vertically integrated infrastructure spanning Pakistan, Turkey, and Bangladesh. For it reflects its commitment to conscious materials and processes. Using its Prism Project, Soorty clothing company has hired deaf or hard of hearing individuals. Especially in high-noise areas in its laundry. That’s its SEWS program. For it also sensitizes male members of underprivileged households. Especially to the benefits of female employment. More noteworthy, Soorty clothing company in the Organic Cotton Initiative (SOCI) covers 1000 farmers. In addition to building capacity for organic cotton. Also, enhancing livelihoods through financial inclusion. Moreover, women vocational training and also access to clean water.

Soorty Loves Wind and Solar

Soorty clothing company has a strong commitment towards sustainability. So it is actively involved in renewable energy projects. One such project is the NASDA Green Energy Jhimpir Wind Farm. It’s a project which is a venture of Soorty Clothing Group into wind power. This project began in September 2021. Most surprisingly, it also has a planned capacity of 50 MW. All which will produce renewable energy. However, this energy is for evacuation through the national grid to unelectrified rural neighborhoods. They have also announced a 6.26 MW captive Solar Power Project. Finally, a 750 kW/369 kWh Reflex Energy Storage project across Nooriabad and also Landhi. This solar project is expected to reduce emissions by around 5,656 tons of CO2 equivalent. In addition, it will also produce approximately 9,198 MWh of energy annually. Most importantly which will be used on-site. [1][2]

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