Solar Energy is the Future and the Time Has Come

Besides my constantly talking about my book Solar Power for Your Home, The world is going solar everywhere you look. Google is investing $300 million in SolarCity. Apple is building a massive $850 million solar farm in California. Utilities and small businesses are placing solar panels on rooftops, homeowners are finding out that they can save money on home installations, and even Pakistani farmers are finding out there are benefits in switching from diesel to solar.

The world is transitioning from fossil fuels to solar power, and it’s a change that is setting humanity on a new course for the future.


The newly released book Power Shift: From Fossil Energy to Dynamic Solar Power, by Robert A. Stayton, explores this fundamental change in the human relationship with energy.

“Solar energy is the clear economic and environmental choice,” says Stayton. “The advantages over oil, gas, coal, nuclear, wind, and hydro make it the best choice hands down. Its time has come.”

“We are at the beginning of a new epoch in history,” Stayton says. “If you live a modern energy-enabled lifestyle, then you’re a player in this drama, and you have choices to make. The energy decisions you make today will decide the fate of many generations to come.”

About the Author
Stayton, who lives in Santa Cruz County, California, has a master’s degree in physics and has taught college courses in physics, energy, and solar energy in California for nearly 35 years. His comprehensive and well-illustrated book describes the history of man and the energy sources we have used and misused.

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  1. Solar is the future! Do you have panels installed on your home yet?

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