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“Pick My Solar” Now Expands Providing East Coast Energy Savings

So, Pick My Solar is an online solar purchasing marketplace. One that has expanded its popular California-based solar service across the country due to market demand. To start, Pick My Solar will now make it possible for East Coast residents in Massachusetts and New York. All to “go solar” hassle-free through online comparison shopping.

Then Pick My Solar provides shoppers with high quality bids from local solar installers and advocacy throughout the installation process. It’s completely free to use and since no commissions are paid, the homeowner only gets knowledgeable advice and support. The result is that Pick My Solar customers know exactly what they are getting and often pay far less for their solar system than they would otherwise. Over 10,000 customers have already been helped with its online bidding process. 

About the Management
Pick My Solar

Co-founder and COO Chris Blevins is originally from New York and has been eager for the opportunity to bring his company home. “There’s been a continued internal pull to bring Pick My Solar’s service to New York, but the timing had not yet been right” said Blevins. “We’re now logistically ready to enter the market and coincidently the market’s maturity is just as ready for us.”

Moreover, Pick My Solar has quickly gained popularity throughout California and is now focusing on new markets.

In addition, Pick My Solar reports that they launched their service in the east coast in August with a pilot program that was under Google’s Project Sunroof. The influx of demand in surrounding areas quickly caused Pick My Solar to expand its service beyond the pilot program.

What you get for their Services

Well, with Pick My Solar obtains an average of 10-12 bids per client through our online solar marketplace. Then they present you with the top three best options. Then you don’t have to deset up multiple appointments with various contractors.

You don’t have to sift through the jargon to try and make apples-to-apples comparisons between bids. They do it all.

Best part is the process is streamlined, efficient and saves their clients on average 25% or more.

Cutting the fat in the solar market is the next great nut to crack. So these guys came up with the tagline Pick My Solar.

Use the hashtag:


FAQ Informative for Solar

So while we are onto informative things, here is one of their FAQ pages on HOW LONG WILL MY SOLAR SYSTEM LAST?

Solar panels use pretty basic technology. There are no moving parts and a good rain is typically all they need to keep clean and working their best. All systems are warranted for 20 years. For 25 years, notwithstanding any unforeseen complications, you can expect them to produce at least 80% or more of their predicted energy output. After that, their output declines incrementally, but on average, the lifespan of a system is 35 to 40 years.

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