Merchants Fleet Summit: A Gathering of Industry Experts

I recently attended the Merchants Fleet Conference in New Hampshire. Day One was at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway where there was a kickoff event and a ride and drive on the racetrack. So so cool.  This Fleet Summit is Merchants Fleet main event for its customers. One that brings together over 400 industry experts and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to discuss current fleet topics.

Merchants fleet conference

Supercharged September: Electrifying Fleets with Merchants Fleet

Companies are more and more transitioning to all electric. One product I have mentioned that was at this event was XOS Trucks where they really emphasize the total cost of ownership (TCO) and how it’s more cost effective going all electric. This is especially essential nowadays. That’s because more and more corporations are transitioning to a greener future   Also, a sustainability and environmental conscious world where a fleet management company can guide them along the way.

Sponsors of merchants fleet event

Merchants Fleet is the nation’s fastest-growing fleet management company. They are really leading the charge in fleet electrification. With their commitment to electric vehicles (EVs) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, it’s clear who is leading this charge forward. I am part of their month-long campaign. It’s aimed at promoting EV adoption through education. Moreover, it includes thought leadership, and community engagement.

Dispelling EV Myths with the EV Buy-in Kit

As part of their work, Merchants Fleet’s EV experts have developed the EV Buy-in Kit. This kit aims to demystify common myths and misconceptions surrounding Evs. Thereby enabling fleet managers and decision-makers to make informed choices. I also helped some companies by describing my personal experience test driving some of those vehicles since k test drove most of the vehicles available.

Listening to President of merchants fleet

So their EV Buy-in Kit provides comprehensive information. All on the benefits of EV adoption, including cost savings, environmental impact, and technological advancements. By addressing concerns and providing accurate information, Merchants Fleet is clearly empowering their businesses to embrace a greener fleet.

Thought Leadership: Insights from Brendan P. Keegan

Merchants Fleet’s Chairman, CEO, and President, Brendan P. Keegan, is at the forefront of thought leadership in the industry. Throughout their “Supercharged September”. For Keegan shared his exclusive insights and in his chat with us as we watched outside in the pavilion. The discussions covered:


    1. advantages of Electric vehicles

    1. the importance of ESG initiatives

    1. and leadership in the context of sustainability.

Keegan’s expertise and experience shed light on the potential of EV’s. For he inspired others to take the leap towards making changes to lead a greener future.

EV FESTIVAL: Fast Track to a Greener Future

To think Day 2 could even get better but it did. We had a full event of so many electric trucks and vehicles through the entire parking lot and inside of the Headquarters for Merchabts Fleet. From showing their amazing garden from the composting going on in the office to the new expansion of new charging stations to grow for their future. In addition, they had every car that it’s hard to get your hands on for a test drive. For example: Jaguar I-Pace, the Cadillac Lyriq, Rivian trucks to BMW I7 and IX. What a show they also pit on with the diversity of charging stations to. From ChargePoint to EnelX to BLINK. They know infrastructure and can offer real world experience of how well they charge an electric car. They even had Mercedes and Ford vans (Ford E-Transit).

Enel x charger

It’s obvious why they have this Supercharged September initiative. For Brendan P. Keegan and his team are serious for the electrification future.

Community Giving: Doing Well, by Doing Good

Merchants Fleet’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond just the corporate bottom line. For Ted Lague, Merchants Fleet’s Director of ESG and I did a podcast interview on his leading a coordinated food drive across all Merchants locations. The initiative aims to support local food pantries throughout New England. As a symbol of their commitment to sustainability, food donations will be delivered using Merchants Fleet’s electric vehicles. We also talked about sustainability, environmentalism and governance in our podcast interview. Stay tuned for that!

Stay Informed about Merchants Fleet

Throughout September and a little into October, I will be posting about Merchants Fleets efforts, the savings already created and what their offerings mean for the corporate world as well as municipal fleets. Also, you can check out the Merchants Fleet blog too. It’s all on electrification and sustainability.  So please be part of this conversation using the hashtag #superchargedseptember. As you know, this will be on my social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, X and YouTube.

Merchants Fleet: Leading the Way in Fleet Management

Merchants Fleet also has a comprehensive range of fleet management services. They also offer flexible funding for vehicle acquisition. Furthermore, they do fleet consulting and tracking plus an innovative cloud-based fleet management platform.  They call it TotalView®. We will get into that one in a later post. That’s because I am very interested in their online platform for customers usage. More surprisingly though, I learned Merchants Fleet serves as a single source for all fleet and mobility needs: across more than 20 industries.

So again, we will dig into their fleet management software, their customer base and how their helping that transition.   In addition, the company’s commitment to fleet electrification is not like I have seen anywhere else. Therefore, they are on the path to being that ESG leader in the industry just on electrification.


This event was more than impressive. It shows the corporate world is not just saying they will change. For Merchants Fleet is showing the corporate world how to switch to all electric. This “Supercharged September” is really a testament to Merchants Fleet’s dedication to driving the adoption of electric vehicles. That’s as well as promoting sustainable fleet management practices. This Fleet Summit shows leadership, community giving and has a real story to tell. We will be telling that story. That is clearly because Merchants Fleet knows we can pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future together.

As I’ve learned since 1998: demystifying EVs, fostering education, and leading by example is the only way. Merchants Fleet can now empower businesses to embrace the benefits of EV adoption. In addition, contribute to a zero emissions world while still having the torque, range and lower energy costs. For the customers also realize the energy and maintenance savings. I’m honored and glad Merchants Fleet picked me to be on this exciting journey with them. Especially as they move towards electrifying fleets and creating a positive impact in the world.

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