It’s one thing to say you’re a Fleet EV charging expert. It’s another thing to have the real experience.  For Merchants Fleet has real on-the-ground experience with electric vehicle charging. This article will discuss the Merchants Fleet Adopt EV Program and their diverse array of chargers at their HQ. Also, their portable charging stations. Finally, how they are teaching their employees to embrace the technology. All by offering it for use.  Because then you learn by use. Not a book. Finally, and more importantly how they are installing the largest EV charging station lot in NH. 

Fleet Charging Service Overview

To support your fleet’s EV charging needs, Merchants Fleet offers a comprehensive suite of services. In addition to expert guidance, and ongoing support. I mean their services include finding:

  1. public charging stations
  2. providing fuel management cards for charging transactions
  3. energy management support
  4. maintenance support
  5. ongoing operations
  6. remote monitoring of home/office charging stations
  7. implementation of EV fleet charging infrastructure and more.

Portable chargers with F-150 lighting lariat
They aren’t just selling chargers; they are applying the best charger based on need and usage. That’s proper fleet charging services. Merchants Fleet is your advocate in navigating the complexities of EV charging. More importantly, ensuring a seamless transition to electric fleets.

more EV Charging stations

Fleet-Specific Chargers

Some chargers are specifically designed for fleet use. That’s again offering advanced features such as fleet management integration. Then billing capabilities, and remote monitoring. These chargers are ideal. Especially for businesses managing large electric vehicle fleets.

Optimizing Fleet EV Chargers

Installing charging depots for your fleet doesn’t have to be complicated. Merchants Fleet, in collaboration with trusted vendors, can assess your site. For they can also determine the number of chargers you need. They can also calculate energy requirements; plus provide sizing and design recommendations. So whether you have a single location or multiple sites, theirteam can assist in optimizing the charging infrastructure for your fleet’s specific needs.

Enel X EV charging for fleet

Deployment and Operations Support

When you’re ready to install your charging infrastructure, Merchants Fleet can provide support in coordinating with installers, vendors, and other stakeholders involved in the process. Their experienced team will oversee the project to ensure that your chargers are installed correctly and ready to charge your vehicles efficiently.

Post-Deployment Maintenance and Operations

Maintaining and operating your charging infrastructure is crucial for the long-term success of your electric fleet. Merchants Fleet, through its network of trusted vendors, offers ongoing charger operations and maintenance support. They also provide access to charging data that allows you to monitor the costs and benefits of your electric fleet effectively.

Deeper Operational Insights

With the increasing connectivity of EVs, fleets have access to valuable data that can optimize operations and reduce coststhrough their Total Connect software. Merchants Fleet offers this innovative fleet technology which looks really sick as to their details. Plus, the personal use reporting, and data management. It’s all really providing you with comprehensive insights into your fleet’s efficiency and performance.

More EV charging for fleet

Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the significant advantages of electric vehicles is their higher energy efficiency compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines. So, you’re going to love the energy savings month over month. I mean EVs can be over 85% efficient, resulting in a lower cost per mile driven.

Site Assessment

To determine the most effective charging management strategy for your business, Merchants Fleet does a detailed site assessment. Their team analyzes your current fleet usage patterns. Then they totally evaluate your electrical infrastructure. Also, your estimate charging installation and deployment cost. This provided project management support is all throughout the deployment process.

Portable chargers for EV fleet

Best Practices for EV Adoption

Implementing electric vehicles into your fleet requires careful planning and execution. Here are some best practices to consider for a successful EV adoption:


Educate yourself and your organization about the ever-growing landscape of electric vehicles. Gather resources about different vehicle makes and models, EV technologies, and industry leaders offering support services like charging infrastructure. Stay up to date with the latest advancements in EV technology and keep learning about the benefits and challenges of electric fleets.

Another EV charging option for fleet


Ensure that your organization has a clear direction for EV implementation and how it aligns with your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. Engage stakeholders, including executives, employees, and customers, to gain buy-in and support for your EV adoption plan. Involve key internal parties and EV enthusiasts throughout the company to drive enthusiasm and cooperation.


Assess where electric vehicle adoption fits within your fleet and determine the starting point. Outline the steps required to transition to an electric fleet, including infrastructure enhancements, compliance with local mandates, driver training, and the ordering strategy for EVs. Develop a budget, considering grants and incentives available to offset costs.


Implement EVs in a select portion of your fleet to pilot the adoption process. This allows you to gather data, assess feasibility, and understand the impact on drivers, customers, and overall business operations. Set a predetermined timeframe for the pilot and focus on gathering feedback and insights to refine your EV strategy.


Work towards full EV adoption and integration across your fleet. Continuously optimize EV performance, track progress towardsustainability goals, and review collected data to make informed decisions. Regularly revisit your EV vision and adjust your strategy as necessary. Maybe you’re ready to ramp up to trucks and vans. Not just cars. Frankly, EV adoption is an ongoing journey, and it requires continuous evaluation and adaptation.

Merchants Fleet Adopt EV Program

Merchants Fleet offers the Adopt EV Program to support businesses in their transition to electric fleets. The program consists of three key stages: Measure, Model, and Adopt.



The first stage involves conducting a fleet data analytics audit to establish a baseline for future metrics. This audit includes analyzing vehicle types, fuel usage, applications, and other relevant data to project cost savings and sustainability impact. The data gathered during this stage helps determine the starting point for EV fleet adoption.


In the modeling stage, the operations and infrastructure team creates a comprehensive model for your company’s EV adoption plan. This model includes vehicle recommendations, charging infrastructure requirements, sustainability goals, and financial savings projections. The geographic scope of your fleet is also considered to ensure cost-efficient EV selection.


The final stage is the adoption phase, where your company sets a timeline and takes the necessary steps to transition to an electric fleet. This may include infrastructure setup, arranging charging facilities like their portable EV charging. Also, planning trainingsand implementing best practices. As I learned, you need collaboration from all departments. So, engagement with internal and external stakeholders is essential for a successful transition. Also, expect more about this because they are building out more infrastructure as we speak!

Leasing and Service Options

Merchants Fleet also offers a range of leasing and service options to facilitate your electric vehicle fleet management. Their customizable programs include full maintenance, administered maintenance, reserve maintenance, and tailored maintenance. Full maintenance programs provide a fixed monthly payment covering all maintenance costs, while administered maintenance allows you to pay for repairs as you go. Reserve maintenance involves a fixed monthly payment with reconciled bills at the end of the lease term, and tailored maintenance offers a customized solution based on your fleet’s unique needs.

How Can Merchants Fleet Help?

If you have any questions or require assistance with EV fleet charging management, Merchants Fleet is there to help. Theirteam of experts can provide guidance, support, and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need assistance with optimizing your charging infrastructure, finding public charging stations, or implementing an EV adoption plan, our dedicated team is ready to assist you.


So as the shift towards electric vehicles continues to gain momentum, effectively managing the battery and charging is essential.Especially asthe need for electric vehicle fleets becomes paramount. By leveraging the services and expertise of Merchants Fleet, businesses can navigate the complexities of EV charging and maximize the benefits of electric fleets. From site assessment to ongoing support. Merchants Fleet provides comprehensive solutions to ensure a seamless transition to sustainable and efficient electric vehicle fleets.

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