The Power of Tree Planting: A Green Living Journey


In a world grappling with the effects of climate change and deforestation, the importance of tree planting cannot be overstated. It is a powerful tool that not only helps restore natural habitats but also sequesters carbon and creates employment opportunities. Two organizations, Merchants Fleet and Green Living Guy, have taken up this noble cause. That’s each making a significant impact in their own unique ways. In this article, we will explore their efforts, their collaborations with Evertreen and One Tree Planted. Also, the positive influence they are having on the environment.

Merchants Fleet: Rooted in Good

Evertreen tree planting
Source: Evertreen

Merchants Fleet is a company that goes beyond its business operations to make a difference in the world. With their program, they are demonstrating their commitment to being “rooted in good.” Collaborating with community farmers, Merchants Fleet has embarked on a mission to combat deforestation and restore natural habitats across the globe.

Planting Trees Globally

Merchants Fleet’s tree planting efforts extend far and wide, with projects spanning different continents. One such initiative involves planting 5,000 trees in Kenya. It’s a region deeply affected by deforestation. By reforesting these areas, Merchants Fleet is not only addressing the pressing issue of habitat loss but also contributing to carbon sequestration. It’s also a vital process in mitigating climate change.

Merchants Fleet tree planting efforts

Impacting Employees and Communities

Merchants Fleet recognizes that the power of tree planting lies not only in the environmental benefits. However and also in the positive impact it has on people and communities. As part of their commitment, Merchants Fleet plants ten trees for every new employee that joins their team. This is  a unique initiative. Because it not only fosters a sense of environmental responsibility among employees. However, it also strengthens their connection to the company’s mission.

Collaborations with Evertreen and One Tree Planted

More planting
Source: Evertreen

Merchants Fleet understands that collaboration is key to maximizing their impact. They have joined forces with Evertreen. This prominent organizations dedicated to reforestation efforts. For these partnerships allow Merchants Fleet to leverage the expertise. As well as the reach of this organization. Thereby ensuring that their tree planting initiatives are carried out. That’s effectively and efficiently.

Green Living Guy: Planting Forests, One Tree at a Time

For Seth Leitman, also known as The Green Living Guy, the dream of developing his first global forest is becoming a reality. With his organization, Green Living Guy, he is making a significant impact. Especially in the world of reforestation and sustainable living.

The Seth Leitman (The Green Living Guy) Forest

Through his forest, Seth Leitman aims to create a lasting legacy of green living. The forest, uniquely identified by the code 263.  For it symbolizes his dedication to preserving the environment and combating climate change. Individuals can contribute to this forest by inserting the code at checkout and gifting trees to this remarkable endeavor. Seth also works with One Tree Planted on reforestation as well.

Green living guy forest
Source: Evertreen and Green Living Guy

Diverse Reforestation Projects

Seth Leitman’s forest encompasses various reforestation projects across the globe. From Papaya, India to Dry Deciduous, Madagascar, each project plays a crucial role. Especially in restoring biodiversity and sequestering carbon. With a total of 1,853 trees, these projects are a testament to Seth Leitman’s commitment. All to making the world greener, one tree at a time.

Collaborations with Evertreen and One Tree Planted

Source: Evertreen and Merchants Fleet

Similar to Merchants Fleet, Seth Leitman collaborates with Evertreen and One Tree Planted. Essentially to amplify the impact of his reforestation efforts. By partnering with these organizations, Seth Leitman ensures that his projects are implemented efficiently. Also, that the trees planted make a meaningful difference. Especially in the fight against deforestation and climate change.


The efforts of Merchants Fleet and Green Living Guy in the realm of tree planting are commendable. These organizations, driven by their passion for green living, are making a significant impact on the environment and communities worldwide. Through collaborations with Evertreen and One Tree Planted, they are maximizing their efforts and ensuring the success of their reforestation projects. As we continue to face the challenges of climate change, let us take inspiration from these initiatives and join hands in the noble cause of planting trees for a greener and more sustainable future.

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