Over the last decade, Americans have witnessed a shift towards renewable energy. The use of fossil fuels has created a harmful dependence on non-renewable resources, and homeowners have recognized a need to reprioritize. Concerned individuals have begun seeking alternative sources such as solar, wind and geothermal power. Solar water heatingContinue Reading

The number of people turning to a vegan diet is increasing every year, with a reported 600,000 vegans now living in the United Kingdom. That has led to a boom in meat-free food sales, which eclipsed £740 million in 2018. The diet has been particularly popular with females. The VeganContinue Reading

  There are many benefits to having a septic tank in your home but you might just not know it yet. Septic systems aren’t just there to help you dispose of your wastewater responsibly, it helps ensure that you aren’t damaging the environment as well. Unfortunately, not many people areContinue Reading