We are offering social media services under Green Living Guy Productions, a division of ETS ENERGY STORE LLC. It offers video, flogging, blogging, social media and most importantly tv productions.

Test Drive Green Cars – Member of Auto Press

So as a long-time green living and a member of the automotive press. For he who has been doing test drive reviewing and even placing eco friendly and fuel efficient cars since 1998. He’s been promoting them on social media since 2008.

Seth started posting his blog reviews on social media.  Then he did reviews have appeared on Yahoo, Answers.com, the Huffington Post, Mother Earth News where he has reached over 300 Million people. He has over 400K followers (including email lists and growing) on social networks and has been asked to cover Tesla, Ford, Lexus, BMW, Volvo, Porsche, Toyota, Lincoln, Chevy, Buick, Chrysler, Scion by Answers.com, Discovery Network, AOL, Huffington Post, Car Cafe, Triple Pundit and others.

To support his green journalism

Live Green CT for social media consulting

Social Media Reach

According to social media metric reports, Seth’s social media channels reach over 6.8 impressions per day. From March-May of 2014 it reached 40M impressions and in 2015 it was 90M!

Green Living Guy site reach: 7.9 unique visitors for 2022 and growing with 28M views.

Greenlivingguy.com offers numerous consulting and advertising opportunities for advertisers and clients.  All to reach this valuable, targeted audience. Please inquire for current rates.

If interested in his consulting services, please check the rates below.

Most noteworthy, Green Living Guy continues to grow across all platforms! Here are some fun facts about it’s content:


Over 210k followers


Over 45,900 followers


4,100 and growing


Over 112k followers


32k members on fan page. Plus 5,000 members on VERIFIED personal profile


VERIFIED ACCOUNT Over 6,100 subscribers with over 200k views. Rates & Opportunities

Podcast and Website

With over 218k downloads combined, 35k website subscribers and in 2021 had over 8M unique visitors to this site.


Over 24,500 k followers with memberships of group reach over 2 million.


$ 199/mo

We let the world know we are collaborating and you are part of the crew. So many sponsors and clients over the years. We can do month to month. 3 month or 6 month commitments

What’s Included:
  1. One post on the website
  2. One Facebook *verified post
  3. Access to (1) Instagram & (1) Twitter post at a discounted rate

$ 300/mo

You want to really let people know you exist and want to turn it up. 6 month commitment

What’s Included:
  1. All of Basic benefits+
  2. Also a twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok and discounted Instagram post
  3. Access to upcoming books
  4. One signed copy of a book done by Seth.

Let’s really talk about you.  From press releases to Facebook to Podcasts.

What’s Included:
  1. All of Standard benefits+
  2. All of Basic benefits+
  3. Also a twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok and discounted Instagram post
  4. Access to upcoming books
  5. One signed copy of a Green Guru Guide a month
  6. Exclusive stickers and merch
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