Green Celebrities



May Lindstrom image for Green Lighting Campaign owned by ETS Energy Store, LLC Courtesy of Courtney Dailey Photography

Boaz Frankel – The Un Road Trip

Brea Ortola – Ms. Alchemy Brea

Chelsea Sexton

Doctor Ginger

Donna DiStefano is a great leading Fair Trade and Conflict Free Jeweler

Ed Begley Jr.

Edward James Olmos

Elizabeth TenHouten

Environmental Media Association

Green Diva Meg

Cassidy Taylor-Memmory is the Green Glam Girl
The Green Glam Girl

Green Moxie

Evette Rios Ms. Do It Yourself Woman who can make an Earth Day dinner amazing now on CBS Recipe Rehab!! All DIY.

James Cameron

Jane Graves / Lady Bug Jane

Julie Edelman The Accidental Housewife

Kristina Bucaram

Leilani Munter

May Lindstrom

Matthew Modine

Pleasant Wayne – An amazing woman who has known green her whole life!

Regis and Kelly Live – Hey they had me on their show for a back wax!  Kelly does organic cosmetics and beauty product posts on her blog so hey!! Rock on!!

Stefanie Iris Weiss, Author of Eco Sex!!

Tamara Henry

Tanna Frederick




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