This is from the website Sempra Energy utilities.

However it really hits the head on the nail for accuracy about electric vehicles benefits.

Electric motors have very few moving parts. Moreover they don’t need fluids such as engine oil, anti-freeze or transmission fluid. For they require relatively little maintenance. Finally and are far less likely to leak which are great benefits for electric vehicles.

While we know that electric vehicles benefits are they emit no emissions from the tailpipe. It also will take less time to have the EV become carbon negative. I mean once on energy storage and solar?

Since the emissions are generated (if at all) at the power plants. So then we can even further improve our health and for me I have asthma. I want these emissions gone for my kids too. Finally and reduce pollution. As well as our reliance and imported oils.

Electric Vehicle from Toyota

As I have written before too: EVs also run far more quietly than their combustion-powered counterparts. Especially which enhances worker health and comfort – a smart move in an era of rising medical costs. All part of electric vehicle benefits.

The overall emissions associated with using EVs are typically far less than the emissions from their combustion-powered counterparts.

Most EVs charge up at night. That’s when system wide demand for electricity is low. They tap existing generating capacity. Energy that is not fully used. It’s rather than increasing demand for new capacity.

Choosing EVs instead of combustion powered vehicles contributes to reduced dumping of engine oils into the environment. Also reduced U.S reliance on foreign oil.

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