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19 Feb 2006 Source: Reuters

By Tom Ashby

LAGOS, Feb 19 (Reuters) LAGOS – World energy markets could face a prolonged shortfall of Nigerian oil supply. Nigerian oil is getting an issue. That’s after militants halted 21 per cent of the OPEC nation’s exports. Moreover and kidnapped nine foreigners,  This came what analysts and diplomats said on Sunday.

Most noteworthy and in the run-up to Nigeria’s presidential elections. In addition, the violence in the unstable Niger Delta. For they threaten the country’s unity. Moreover it could result in the break-up of the ruling party. That’s real damage regional stability and roil global oil markets. Furthermore, the Eurasia Group in a recent research note added the same points.

Nigerian oil crisis

In the immediate term, the hostages could be used by militants. Especially to prevent Royal Dutch Shell from resuming exports. For that’s from two big export hubs. Most importantly or as human shields to forestall a military reprisal. For that’s setting the scene for a lengthy stand-off. Especially in the world’s eighth largest exporter.

“We will keep them for as long as we possibly can,” the militants said in an e-mail to Reuters on Sunday, adding that they would be used as human shields.

“They will be moved around with our units and, should they come across the Nigerian army, they will serve their purpose.”


For many decades, the northern Nigerian government ruled over the people of the nation. As the country’s oil production increased, the country’s economy flourished. With the increase in oil wealth, many African countries began to experience great economic and social change. As Nigeria’s government became more corrupt, and as the population increased and poverty spread, the future of the country looked grim.


For the past year, the people of northern Nigeria have been under a brutal military dictatorship. This has severely damaged the lives of the people of northern Nigeria. The people of northern Nigeria have been subjected to horrible killings and torture by the military government. In addition, the people of northern Nigeria are suffering greatly because the military government has withheld much needed food aid. While the people of northern Nigeria struggle to survive, they have been ignored by the rest of the world.


In response to the brutality and lack of help provided by the Nigerian government, the people of northern Nigeria have taken up arms against the government. While the people of northern Nigeria are fighting for their freedom, their leaders pursue a foreign policy that is not in the best interests of their people. The people of northern Nigeria deserve an end to their oppression and an end to their leaders’ duplicity.

The Nigerian government needs to leave the people of northern Nigeria to work out their own fate. The people of northern Nigeria must be free to pursue their own development and make their own decisions.

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