Changes to fuel-economy calculations will likely further incite hybrid critics.

However yet the real issue is Americans’ unrelenting thirst for gasoline! How green is that?

In January, the EPA went MPG Happy. NOT!  For they changed fuel economy standards to be more “reflective of real world conditions”.

Craziness in our fuel economy standards from the EPA on MPG makes us the laughing stock of efficiency standards. It’s MPG horrid! Has not really changed in whatever in comparison.

According to a study, fuel efficiency for cars improved from 13.4 mpg in 1973 to 21.2 mpg in 1991. However only reached only 22.4 mpg by 2006. For light trucks, the numbers were 9.7 mpg in 1966.  Then 17 mpg in 1991 and 18 mpg in 2006.


Medium and heavy trucks showed modest improvement from 5.6 mpg in 1966 to 5.9 mpg in 2006.


Accorfinf to The NY Times:

The agency is scheduled to announce the action at a news conference on Thursday in Detroit. The announcement falls during the preview days for the North American International Auto Show. All which opens to the public next Saturday.

The new standards, under consideration for months. For it would be the first revision in determining fuel economy ratings in 20 years. The goal is to have final standards in place for vehicles made for the 2008 model year. All which will go on sale in 2007, E.P.A. officials said late last year.

About Time

According to AFDC: since 1975, overall new light-duty vehicle fuel economy has moved through four phases:
1. a rapid increase from 1975 through the early 1980s,
2. a slower increase until reaching its peak in 1987,
3. a gradual decline until 2004, and
4. an increase in 2005 and 2006, with 2007 levels projected to be similar to 2006.

These standards are just horrible. Ugh.

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