So let’s talk green building costar report. For IBM’s $1 billion project to cut energy consumption in data centers. I mean it is just one of many new market-based initiatives from the business world. 

In this issue of the CoStar Green Report, we show how business is perceiving the rising cost of energy. IBM’s $1 billion plan to clean up data centers. For its new energy efficiency program. One from the man who gave us Energy Star. That’s more green initiatives from the banking world; and a green building proposal you could soon see in your building code.

Green building costar report




Costar Green Report: The Bottom Line

As more and more individuals and companies focus on sustainability, the benefits of going green are becoming clearer. The Costar Green Report, a comprehensive study of the commercial real estate industry, reveals some interesting findings on the bottom line of going green.

Benefits of Green Buildings

Green buildings, which are designed to be environmentally responsible and resource-efficient, offer numerous benefits to both the environment and the economy. According to the Costar Green Report, green buildings have been shown to:

  1. Use less energy and water
  2. Produce less waste
  3. Improve indoor air quality
  4. Command higher rents and sale prices
  5. Have lower operating costs

green building costar report
ROI of Green Buildings

One of the main concerns of going green is the cost. However, the Costar Green Report found that green buildings have a higher return on investment (ROI) than non-green buildings. In fact, the report found that green office buildings had an average ROI of 6.6%, compared to 5.5% for non-green office buildings.

Growth of Green Buildings

In conclusion, the Costar Green Report also found interesting numbers. For that’s number of green buildings in the US is increasing rapidly. In 2005, there were only 2,300 certified green buildings in the US. By 2007, that number had more than doubled to 5,500.

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