Green Living Guy with the book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle
Green Living Guy with the book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Go Green-Go Electric! Faster, Cheaper, More Reliable While Saving Energy and the Environment

This new, updated edition of Build Your Own Electric Vehicle contains everything that made the first edition so popular while adding all the technological advances and new parts that are readily available on the market today.

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle gets on the expressway to a green, ecologically sound, cost-effective way that even can look cool, too!

This comprehensive how-to goes through the process of transforming an internal combustion engine vehicle to electric or even building an EV from scratch for as much or even cheaper than purchasing a traditional car. The book describes each component in detail—motor, battery, controller, charger, and chassis—and provides step-by-step instructions on how to put them all together.

Praise for Build Your Own Electric Vehicle:
– Josh Dorfman, The Lazy Environmentalist, “Create a superior driving experience, strengthen America and restore the planet’s ecosystems…that’s the promise of this book and it’s well worth a read!”

– Chelsea Sexton, Who Killed the Electric Car?, “Empowering people with the toolsto convert their own vehicles provides an immediate path away from petroleum dependence and should be part of the solutions portfolio.”

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Second Edition, covers:

EV vs. Combustible Engine Overview
Environmental and Energy Savings
EV Evolution since the First Electric Car
Current Purchase and Conversion Costs
Chassis and Design
Today’s Best Motors
Battery Discharging/Charging Styles
Electrical Systems
Licensing and Insurance Issues
Related Clubs and Associations
Additional Resources

To Purchase:
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Published Date: October 2008

Table of contents
Chapter 1. Why Electric Vehicles Are Still Right for Today!
Chapter 2. Electric Vehicles Save the Environment and Energy
Chapter 3. Electric Vehicle History
Chapter 4. The Best Electric Vehicle for You
Chapter 5. Classics and Design
Chapter 6. Electric Motors
Chapter 7. The Controller
Chapter 8. Batteries
Chapter 9. The Charger and Electrical System
Chapter 10. Electric Vehicle Conversion
Chapter 11. Maximize Your Electric Vehicle Enjoyment
Chapter 12. Sources