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Never in a million years would I had thought to think about the toxicity of nail polish as a green living guy thing. Yet, for a guy it is a great gift for a women.

I was reading the news online today and read this really interesting press release about this product called Top 10. Since the title was misleading I thought it was some Top 10 David Letterman type list on the best things to go green.

Then it dawned upon me how toxic the smell is in a nail salon. The only way I knew about that smell is my wife’s nail salon is next door to my local barber. Anyway, I digress. The smell is pungent to say the least. Not a great way to sustain green living with toxic fumes shuffling around the air.

If this nail polish can be added into the line of products they carry for consumers, more women might try it and more importantly the smell next to my barber would not be as bad. Also, the women that go into these salons or wear these polishes will feel a little better since the polish would be a great gift for my wife for the holidays. So, in a sense this is a great green living product everyday not just for the holiday season.

Nail salons should really check this polish out so less women are subjected to these chemicals.


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov 25, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Top10 and its complimentary basecoat Top10 Anchor are revolutionary and timely products for the nail polish industry currently dominated by solvent based coatings that pose great health and environmental hazards.

Both Top10 and Top10 Anchor are totally water based and contain no acetone, toluene, formaldehyde or di-butyl phthalate. The composition of the nail polish coatings is fully compatible with eco and bio friendly green living. Though water based, Top10 and Top10 Anchor dry as quickly as the currently marketed solvent based nail polishes. Engineered Protective Coatings, a leader in eco-friendly innovative solutions now brings to market a great product that puts longer lasting beauty and green living right at your fingertips.

Top10 Anchor has been formulated to create a strong bond with the nail surface and provide a durable anchor for the nail color and the final gloss coat. High gloss Top10 will dry to a tough scratch and mar resistant finish that will not be affected by water, every day liquids, detergents, etc. The high tensile strength engineered in the Top10 coating will resist chipping and cracking and will provide added support to nails that tend to be brittle.

Top10 Anchor and Top10 have practically no odor or fumes and can be used just by themselves or in combination with off-the-shelf nail colors. They will not yellow or cause the nail surface to discolor as is sometimes the case with solvent based polishes. While Top10 dries to a crystal clear, high gloss finish, the milky white appearance of the wet coat makes it easily visible during application and thus helps prevent bare spots.

Spills, overruns, tools and equipment are easily wiped and cleaned with water. Accidental spills on surfaces can be easily picked up without the damage that can result from solvent based polishes. Eco and bio friendly Top10 and Top10 Anchor are an easy to use and healthy alternative for nail salons and their staff because it eliminates exposure to hazardous chemicals and fumes.

SOURCE: Liquiguard Technologies, Inc.
Liquiguard Technologies, Inc., Fort Lauderdale
Abbas Sadriwalla, 954-566-0996

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