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Back in 2010 I went to the Sundance Film Festival to see how green the festival really was.  Well it wasn’t and there will be a story.  In the meantime, these pictures and video can give you a great idea of the fun that was had by all. Here is a picture from the Bravo lounge Red Carpet and Green Suite that I helped gift with A Lot To Say apparel and umbrellas. While hanging out in the Green Lodge with EcoDiva TV, Tommy Davidson, a star from Entourage and more.  Keep up with this story as I will be reediting it as time goes on for excitement.  Will be fun. When looking at my A Lot To Say shirt, Tommy Davidson asked about it after he read it.  He liked the concept of Change.  Then I told him it uses no water to produce with the AirDye technology, is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles (all the toxins removed) and Made in the USA. [youtube=] I am so proud to coordinate with actress and producer Sally Golan.  She really made the Bravo suite a Red Carpet and Green Suite.  I was happy to have gifted bags from the Briarcliff Manor Public Library , with A Lot To Say clothing and umbrellas from my sponsor.  Plus, I had pens, pads and such from Egg Geothermal.  Never did I feel so at home until she walks in the door.  There was a pent up frustration and nervousness about what to do from the other guys working the event.  When Sally came everyone was like, “I love working with her!!”  It’s true, she’s just really great and what she does which is make press and the media and actors get together constructively for the benefit of the right thing which is a fun, great party that everyone can connect at and have that energy that everything is good.  No GREAT!!! Below is a picture with the Aysia Wright from the Greenloop and the Green Lodge at Sundance Film Festival.  Both this celebrity (which I am still working on the name) and Aysia Wright seem to be having fun with an A Lot To Say scarf.

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  1. I love the up-cycling at Sundance! We have made a conscious effort to in personal and business life to recycle, reuse or re- purpose. Eco Divas keep up the good work!

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