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Source: Felix Kramer, Founder of the California Cars Initiative sends regular emails if you subscribe to CalCarsCalCars promotes plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.  Today I received an email from him that was very exciting that I just had to share part of it.  The reason I didn’t share the rest is you should go to CalCars to subscribe.

Over 20 more carmakers are falling into line with plans for PHEVs — and those that aren’t are doing EVs.

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We’ll soon update our list at our Automakers Page . See also information roundups
at and . Some of these are showcased
in a slide show at The New York Times website
complete with links to additional information on the vehicles.

Toyota plugin hybrid EV

Here are our updates, alphabetically:

  1. AUDI: A1 Sportback or e-tron concept vehicles may be introduced
    first in Europe.
  2. BMW: Vision PHEV concept of 2009 now headed for production in 2013.
  3. BYD: F3DM may be introduced in US in 2011.
  4. CHRYSLER: Following its integration with Fiat, proceeding with its
    Department of Energy-sponsored demonstration project with 140 Ram
    pickup truck PHEVs.
  5. CITROEN: Revolte (concept).
  6. DAIMLER: Mercedes Benz Blue Zero and S500 (concepts).
  7. FISKER: Karma now scheduled for 2011.
  8. FORD: Escape SUV now set for 2012; C-MAX compact multi-activity
    vehicle in Europe by 2013.
  9. GM: Chevy Volt MPV5 (crossover concept).
  10. HYUNDAI: Blue Will concept car aimed at 2012.
  11. JAGUAR LAND ROVER: Range_e four-wheel drive diesel in 2013-2015 and
    a possible XJ PHEV (Tata owns JLR).
  12. KIA: The Ray concept is part of its EcoDynamics project.
  13. MITSUBISHI: The PX-MiEV aims for production in 2013,
    electrically-driven rear wheels giving four-wheel drive capability.
  14. PEUGEOT: plug-in diesel hybrid in 2012.
  15. PORSCHE: The 918Spyder (concept) adds a 16-mile all-electric range
    to a powerful sports car.
  16. PROTON: Malaysian manufacturer shows multiple series PHEV concepts,
    with its subsidiary, Lotus.
  17. SUZUKI: Swift concept now going to Japanese dealers for testing in fall 2010.
  18. TOYOTA: Prius Plug-in around 2012.
  19. VOLKSWAGEN: The Golf Blue-E-Motion moved from concept to a 2013
    date for sale in the U.S; TwinDrive (concept).
  20. VOLVO: plans diesel series PHEVs in 2012.
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