My story about the interview I had with Michael Nash of Climate Refugees movie was great to write about on Planet Green. Hope you enjoy the story.

Climate Refugees, Movie Poster, Copyright Michael Nash

If An Inconvenient Truth created a cultural shift toward going green. So then the movie Climate Refugees is a wake up call. One that will help people to understand that extreme climatic shifts will create environmental disasters and wars. These disasters and wars will claim property and affect potentially billions of people during the next 50 years.

Climate Refugees Movie Poster, Copyright, Michael Nash

So what is a Climate Refugee? A climate refugee is anyone that has been physically displaced from his home. That’s due to a natural disaster such as a tsunami, hurricane, tornado, cyclone, flood or any act of God is considered a climate refugee. The film focuses on stories such as how here.) For Nash, the story began when many of his friends and family were devastated by storms that hit Florida prior to Hurricane Katrina. From that point on, it was “game on” for Nash to learn about climate change and its impact.

Seth Leitman: I watched the trailer and was beside myself — it was really powerful. How did you start to decide to make this movie?

Michael Nash: I decided to make this movie when I saw how the storms affected my friends and family. That helped me to see how climate change affects people. Then I knew that what I had to and it was to learn about the human face of climate change. To me that’s what this movie is about.

SL: It seemed like a documentary but also an educational tool and a piece for people to take away that we can all do something about this.

MN: Civilizations throughout history have become extinct from what we are suffering across the world today. We have overpopulation, lack of resources and climate change. Now whatever way you feel about climate change or how it’s happening; it’s happening! Today, all of these things are colliding together. There are mass global migrations due to weather with no available real estate and borders. Tens of thousands of people crossing borders can and are creating conflicts.

SL: I was just reminded from what you are saying about Haiti and the recent tragedies there. You know there are still people that believe that climate change isn’t really happening — what are your thoughts on that?

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MN: It’s very convenient to sit on the sidelines in life. There are people all over the world that are not addressing their own daily issues. There is an abundance of science of both sides. At the end of the day, the world is going green. China in its “green revolution” would love for the United States for the next 4-5 years to sit on the sidelines while they can then take over that marketplace.

SL: There are products and technologies like eco-friendly clothes and geothermal energy that people can buy and get. Yet do we think that every little thing can help?

MN: I am a filmmaker. People like Lester Brown have written really amazing books on this issue know more than me. All I can say is, we better pray that man is causing this and we can resolve this crisis. The Mayans got wiped out due to migration. Nothing would scare me more than if man could not control this.

Check out more at climaterefugees dot com.

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