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I am really pleased to have interviewed Michael Nash, Director of Climate Refugees. 

There’s a lot of information to unpack in this one and it’s going to take some time. Let’s jump right in.

Director Michael Nash talks about the launch of his new movie called Climate Refugees at the Sundance Film Festival.

Climate Refugees is a documentary that was 3 years in the making and covered 48 countries.

The multi-award winning Sundance film has screened around the world illuminating the human face of climatic change to global citizens, governments, churches. Then to The US Senate and House, Pentagon, The Vatican.

Also International governments, DAVOS, Harvard University, Oxford, MIT and Stanford.


There is a new phenomenon in the global arena called “Climate Refugees.” A climate refugee is a person who loses their home due to environmental disasters. Such disasters result from the incremental and rapid ecological change. Also resulting in increased droughts, desertification. Furthermore sea level rise and the more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events.

That’s such as hurricanes and cyclones. In addition to fires, mass flooding, and tornadoes. All this is causing mass global migration and border conflicts.

I get interviewed a lot about how to protect our food from the threats of ecological change. The more I spoke the more I realized that we don’t talk about all these issues and risks together. It’s like we’re trying to protect one thing at the expense of many other equally important things. That’s why when I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Michael Nash, Director of Climate Refugees, at the Sundance Film Festival, I jumped at it.

This is a terrific interview with Dr. Nash. We’ll go over the latest research on refugees. Also why it’s important, what you can do to help, and much more.


Climate Refugees, Movie Poster
Climate Refugees, Movie Poster
Sundance Film Festival
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