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So my friend, Jon Marie Mack says the new Tesla movie with Ethan Hawke as Nikolas Tesla was good…
Yet the Tesla movie with Ethan Hawke is a 2020 American biographical drama film.

Its also written and directed by Michael Almereyda. Kyle MacLachlan I also remember too.

As well, Eve Hewson, Jim Gaffigan, Hannah Gross and Josh Hamilton star. It also had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2020. Jim I think I know but not sure. Idk. Sorry so so so sorry. But back to the Tesla Movie with Ethan Hawke!

That’s the night I left Sundance but Team GLG was covered.

My buddy Jon Marie Mack was on the scene. In fact, I was the one who dropped her off! All before, I went to the airport. LOL

So other reviewers said:
“A character study charged with constantly surprising vitality… [Ethan Hawke] does wonders at taking a recessive character and breathing brooding magnetism into him that keeps us glued.”


“Kindles Tesla’s ever-growing legend in a way that reflects his unique genius”
– INDIEWIRE, David Ehrlich

“A madcap visionary movie about a half-mad genius […] TESLA burns up the screen”

– FILM COMMENT, Amy Taubin
Again and really the Brilliant, visionary Nikola Tesla (Ethan Hawke) fights an uphill battle through Ethan. All to bring his revolutionary electrical system to fruition. It then or just faces thornier challenges with his new system. Yet it’s worldwide wireless energy is where it’s really at.

The film also tracks Tesla’s uneasy interactions with his fellow inventor Thomas Edison played by Kyle MacLachlan. That’s as well as his patron George Westinghouse; Jim Gaffigan.

Another thread traces Tesla’s sidewinding courtship of financial titan J.P. Morgan (Donnie Keshawarz). As well as and whose daughter Anne (Eve Hewson) takes a more than casual interest in the inventor.

In conclusion, Anne finally analyzes and presents the story as it unfolds. Finally, offering a modern voice to this scientific period drama which, like its subject. So they say it defies convention. I say it’s great job Solely Ethan Hawke shout out for his performance.

Hey hey hey. But my Reporting from my review friend on the ground Jon Marie Mack. That’s my review!

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