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Reserveage Organics red-wine grapes, the source of resveratrol, are produced on family-held organic/biodynamic vineyards in Southern heart of France.

What is the deal with resveratrol and I found out the French retain their health longer despite their high-fat diet. This observation, known as the “French Paradox” reveals the French natural solution to America’s weight and aging problems is grapes. So the family takes the excess part of the grape left over after making the amazing organic wine and that is part of the vitamin and the resveratrol.

Now Naomi Whittel who is the Reserveage Organics™ CEO, and her cousin, Dr. Eric Lafforgue are preserving the youth with the fruit of the vine as we pray.

Then I found out that the guy Doctor Oz loves organic foods too.  So, I said what the heck, I’ll try the product.  It does make you feel more alive when you take the vitamin.  According to the company:

Doctor Oz recommends that his viewers only take Resveratrol from a company that produces the supplements in an oxygen-free environment. Reserveage Organics agrees and, in fact, has always produced its Resveratrol in an oxygen-free, nitrogen-rich environment as part of its effort to produce the best Resveratrol supplements..

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